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Modernfold, Inc. - Modernfold® Accordion Partitions - MD800
Modernfold, Inc. - Modernfold® Accordion Partitions - MD800
Description: With accordion doors and partitions from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain.

Manufacturer: Modernfold, Inc.

Category: accordion-fold partitions | 102000 | electrically operated partitions...

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Hufcor, Inc. - Accordion Doors
Hufcor, Inc. - Accordion Doors
Description: The easiest, fastest way to shape space. Fast setup and adjustment. Constructed using an internal pantograph of 14 gauge steel. FEATURES &...

Manufacturer: Hufcor, Inc.

Category: accordion-fold partitions | accordion partitions | acoustic control products...

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Kwik-Wall - VL Series Accordion Partitions
Kwik-Wall - VL Series Accordion Partitions
Description: The VL Series Accordion Partitions - Traditionally designed for economical space division with a rated sound resistance! This series offers a pantograph frame and a wrinkle-free design.

Manufacturer: Kwik-Wall

Category: accordion-fold partitions | acoustic control partitions | auditorium partitions...

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