Rite-Hite -GRH-700 Rotating Hook Restraint


Rite-Hite’s GRH-700 Rotating Hook Restraint is designed to secure a trailer to the loading dock by engaging the rear-impact guard (RIG) or interstate commerce commission (ICC) bar with an exclusive third generation rotating hook.

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GRH-700 Rotating Hook Restraint

Rite-Hite’s GRH-700 Rotating Hook Restraint is designed to secure a trailer to the loading dock by engaging the rear-impact guard (RIG) or interstate commerce commission (ICC) bar with an exclusive third generation rotating hook. Offering the greatest reach and widest working range, the Dok-Lok helps reduce trailer separation accidents, such as: early departure, trailer creep, landing gear collapse and more. With Dok-Lok Style Light Communication, the restraint can be optimized with additional safety features such as Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control.


Designed and Installed for Productivity

  • Exclusive Hook Design - Exclusive Hook Design offers more wrap than any other restraint which helps maintain engagement in below-dock end load situations. Contoured Hook is designed to entrap RIG equipped trailers (mandated in 1998) as well as outdated ICC bars.

  • Widest Working Range - GRH-700 has a 9” - 30” working range for consistent RIG and ICC bar contact while the spring-loaded structural hardened steel housing automatically positions when the unit is contacted by a backing trailer.

  • Reliable Performance - Standard on 9” carriages, the dual articulating nose extension ensures the widest range of coverage to help protect the GRH-700 from potential damage when servicing RIGs lower than 22”.  

  • Integrity of Installation - Completed dock survey required for each dock position to help ensure safe and proper application of all Dok-Loks. Critical to the safety of material handlers and equipment, the surveys are reviewed by expert Applications team if outside of standard dock configuration.

  • Pull-Out Force Benchmarks - Rite-Hite was the first loading dock equipment manufacturer to establish pull-out force benchmarks based on years of research and development. Followed today by many other manufacturers, all Rite-Hite restraints are installed with mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs. and 32,000 lbs. of pull-out force, doubling what tractors can achieve when in first gear.

  • Withstand Harsh Loading Dock Environment - Military grade corrosion resistant finish on rotating hook track, base plate, and housing. Mounted above ground away from dirt, debris, snow, ice and standing water, GRH-700 successfully endures 1000 hours of salt spray testing compared to only 100 hours of galvanized restraints. Flood seal option seals IP-66 rated motor to help protect against decline dock flooding in case of heavy rain fall, drainage system failures and more.  
Safety at the Loading Dock
  • Non-adjustable Safety - GRH-700 is equipped with a non-adjustable motor clutch, individually set at the factory to help ensure that safety is never compromised in the field because a setting is “out of adjustment.” 

  • Auto-refire technology - GRH-700 Lok will re-engage with RIG upon movement to ensure optimal and consistent engagement, helping to protect material handlers, equipment and product.  
  • Communication and Control - Dok-Lok® Style Light Communication communicates via interior lights when trailer is properly engaged, thus safe for material handlers to enter.

  • Help Prevent Trailer Separation Accidents - GRH-700 helps to prevent early departure, trailer creep, landing gear collapse, trailer pop-up and up-ending.

  • Certified to meet and exceed ANSI MH30.3 performance testing standards.
Communication and Control

Rite-Hite Communication and Control allows facilities to:

  • Integrate additional/future equipment and interlocked sequence of operations with Dok-Lok® Style Light Communication System.
  • Incorporate line of sight light communication system status with Corner-Vu™ and Leveler-Vu™.
  • Extend Blue Light Policy to help prevent 80,000 annual forklift-pedestrian accidents by extending reaction time with Pedestrian-Vu™.
  • Help prevent 2nd leading cause of backover fatalities in the United States with Approach-Vu™, which utilizes a light and horn system to present a clear visual and audible warning to pedestrians in the drive approach when a backing vehicle is detected.
  • Verify Dok-Lok engagement and trailer stand presence via outside camera and inside monitor with Lok-Vu™, reducing the amount of processes on the dangerous drive approach.
  • Integrate multiple loading dock control components at each dock position for a total dock safety system with Dok-Commander® Combined Controls.

All components are available as standalone or incorporated with Dok-Lok Style Light Communication System. The Dok-Lok Style Light Communication System offers more flexibility, facilitating the greatest long-term yield per dock position. The system allows facilities to address their most urgent safety needs first but reserving the opportunity to integrate vehicle restraints and other safety solutions at a fraction of the cost compared to standalone equipment purchases.

Smart, Connected Capabilities

Loading Dock Productivity Analytics

  • Monitor real-time loading dock status. Optional Dok-Lok Dock Timer digitally displays total engagement time at each position to help dock attendants prioritize loads and avoid costly detention and demurrage charges.
  • Leverage loading dock analytics with current and historical Dok-Lok efficiency and utilization data to identify areas of operational improvement through robust reporting and intuitive dashboards.
  • Receive trending productivity alerts and review correct actions / next steps.

Loading Dock Safety Analytics

  • Study and understand safety challenges, frequency trends and root cause with diagnostic analytics to proactively influence employee behavior.
  • Interactive Safety Assessment Tool helps place priority on specific safety events.
Industry Leading Warranty
  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction
  • Standard Warranty includes 1 year parts / 1 year labor
  • Rite-Hite® Extended Warranty includes 2 year parts / 1 year labor and smart, connected capabilities

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