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DTW in Romulus, Michigan needed to have a guard booth installed at the airport. They decided to go with our prefabricated aluminum guard booth. This particular guard booth is 4′ x 7′.

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Guard House V17-022

DTW in Romulus, Michigan needed to have a guard booth installed at the airport. They decided to go with our prefabricated aluminum guard booth. This particular guard booth is 4′ x 7′. The booth includes our pre-wired electrical package, sliding door, tempered safety glass, and plastic laminate counter. The aluminum does not rust or deteriorate which provides minimal maintenance required to keep the booth functional.

A Mardan Fabrication guard house provides a ready-for-use solution to your security or access control problem. Mardan guard houses, which are also known as guard booths, security booths or guard shacks, are all factory assembled and prefabricated, and are shipped to location ready to bolt down, electrify and use. A Mardan prefab guard house is also portable, and can be moved easily by forklift. Mardan Fabrication builds durable and high quality portable guard houses for so many different facilities and campus settings. These locations include government buildings, military and transportation centers, industrial plants, generating stations, distribution centers and large event venues and tourist destinations. Those security booths are made of pre-finished white aluminum with an option to paint them your choice of color. Engineered prefinished aluminum construction ensures the greatest longevity and best value. Additionally, a Mardan security guard house can be modified to incorporate architectural enhancements that complement the surrounding architecture. Whether a guard house is described as a security guard house, guard booth or security booth, Mardan Fabrication guard houses are all ready to install and use, portable, long-lasting, durable, and appealing.

Mardan Fabrication’s prefab aluminum guard houses are extremely versatile and good looking. We manufacture guard booths ranging in size from only 3′ x 3′ up to 12′ x 20′. Even larger sizes upon custom request. We have two different styles of guard houses. The first is our standard rectangular style guard booth (Vista Series) which is mostly used for conventional security purposes. We also have our rounded end security booth (Omni Series) which is used more in residential or more contemporary facilities. Both styles of security booths include 360 degree vision with fixed windows all the way around. Mardan also has an extensive list of options for the guard houses. Depending on the traffic pattern and the need to communicate with visitors or check vehicles, you can choose standard sliding doors, swing doors and sliding windows. Different types of glass options are available, such as tempered safety glass, unbreakable polycarbonate, insulated and Low E glass, hurricane impact glass or even bullet resistant glass. Standard Mardan guard house booths are manufactured out of prefinished white aluminum construction but can be painted a custom color or even multiple colors on the exterior upon request. Lastly, a Mardan Fabrication security booth has our standard flat roof profile with 3″ overhang or our peaked standing seam hip roof can be added to our rectangular style guard house.

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