Cornell -Extreme® 1024 High Performance Rolling Door


Model Number: EPD1024 and EPI1024

Rapid Rolling Doors

Our Extreme 1024 High Performance Doors provide a proven combination of security, minimal maintenance requirements and exceptional cycle life unmatched by other performance doors.

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Extreme® 1024 High Performance Rolling Door

Model Number: EPD1024 and EPI1024

Rapid Rolling Doors

Our Extreme 1024 High Performance Doors provide a proven combination of security, minimal maintenance requirements and exceptional cycle life unmatched by other performance doors. Tested to perform for more than 1,000,000 cycles at an opening speed of up to 24 inches per second - the 1024 High Performance Door is three times faster than standard coiling or overhead sectional doors.

We’ve designed these high performing doors to maximize your return on investment and provide the lowest lifetime cost and lowest cost-per-cycle versus other high-speed slatted products. Even more, you’ll notice that your cost-per-cycle savings dramatically increase.

Operational up to 10 PSF maximum wind load.

Durability, environmental separation qualities and ease of repair after impact make our Extreme 1024 High Performance Doors the superior choice for high-use openings, and will:

  • Increase productivity at high traffic openings: The 1024 High Performance Door’s rapid opening speed and 1,000,000 cycle performance rating ensure your openings continue to operate at their full potential

  • Quickly seal your building to achieve maximum energy savings: Reduce temperature loss with the 1024 High Performance Door’s faster cycle time and full perimeter sealing. For even greater energy efficiency, rely on the 1024's insulated curtain design to further increase your energy savings

  • Improve security and preventing unwanted entry at sensitive openings: With its steel construction and rapid cycle time, the 1024 High Performance Door’s quickly secures your openings to help prevent unwanted entry

  • Provide exceptional lifetime value: Reduce your maintenance and replacement costs with the 1024 High Performance Door’s proven 1,000,000 cycle performance, exclusive 5-year limited warranty, long term durability and sustainable design

  • Ease your mind: We offer a competitive 5 year quality warranty as standard on our 1024 High Performance Door

  • SafetyGard (TM) Light Curtain Technology: This advanced system creates an optical light curtain approximately six feet high from the finished floor. If any object breaks the plane of the light curtain, the door will automatically reverse to the open position. This advanced, touch-free technology is ideal for high-speed, high-cycle door applications because it considerably reduces the risk of both personal injury and vehicular damage.

  • Standard construction up to 30' wide, 20' high

Standard Materials and Finishes

Extreme 1024 High Performance Doors come with a unique and lasting powder coat finish customized for high-cycle usage as standard. The door’s curtain material consists of:

  • 18 or 22 gauge galvanized steel:

    • Finished with a rust-inhibiting CycleShield™ finish in Gray, Tan or White

  • Stainless Steel Slats:

    • Minimum 20 gauge AISI type 304 #4 finish stainless steel

  • The CycleShield finish is exclusively for 1024 High Performance Doors. The base coat is consistant with ASTM A653, and is finished with a baked-on polyester powder coating. CycleShield is:

    • Friction and wear-resistant for high-cycle applications

    • Rust inhibiting and resistant to acids, alkalis and oils at normal temperatures

    • Recommended for exterior, corrosive and/or abrasive environments

    • Available as an option in a palette of more than 180 standard RAL colors

      Additional colors are available. Extended lead time may apply.

Drive and Control System
  • Motor: Our 1024 High Performance Door is powered by a UL listed, SEW Eurodrive TEFC NEMA4 variable speed motor with sprocket and chain drive horizontally mounted directly to the unitized structure. This operator also features a patent-pending high performance brake, which prevents the curtain from free-falling in the unlikely event of operator component failure

  • Control Panel: Our 1024 High Performance Door is controlled with a wall-mounted starter. This PLC controller features a variable frequency drive with a soft-start and soft-stop at both ends of limit travel. For harsh weather environments, the controller is NEMA 4 rated. Dimensions of the control panel are 20” x 24” x 8”


Custom Slats

Slats with multiple small window size punched slots that create an open curtain design. Maintains a high level of security while allowing for ventilation and visibility.

Hood and Operator Covers

Metal cover to protect the coil or operator from exterior weather, debris or to meet OSHA or UL 325 safety requirements.

Vision Windows

Improve aesthetics and visibility with one- or two-way windows incorporated in the curtain.

Safety and Protection

Entrapment Protection Devices

Entrapment protection devices ensure that a motorized door or grille will not close on an object. If an object enters path of closure, the entrapment protection device will stop the door or grille from closing and return it to the fully open position.

Guide-Mounted Interlocks

An electrical cutout switch to prevent motor operation if locking device is not first disengaged.


Include weather seals at the guides and bottom bar with an internal hood baffle at coil housing. Lintel mounted nylon brush seal also available.

Unique Design Solutions

Sloping or Irregular Openings

Our special bottom bar designs can address these conditions.

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