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Counter shutters are installed in places where, unfortunately, fires are likely to occur. In fact, they are required by code for fire, fire barrier and smoke barrier walls. Think of lunch rooms, concession stands, and the like.

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Counter Fire Shutter

Model Number: ERC10, ERC20 and ERC21

Counter shutters are installed in places where, unfortunately, fires are likely to occur. In fact, they are required by code for fire, fire barrier and smoke barrier walls. Think of lunch rooms, concession stands, and the like. In these situations, you want counter doors that can compartmentalize the fire as well as prevent fire and smoke spread as quickly and effectively as possible. Our counter fire shutters are up to the task.

Counter fire shutters provide a number of benefits, including:

  • UL Labeled: Up to 3 hours of fire protection
  • Compact Design: Curtain wraps in coil supported by side guides
  • Durability: Commercial duty design; little to no routine maintenance
  • Fast Shipping:Most standard counter fire shutters ship within in one to two weeks
Closing Systems
Choosing a fire shutter closing system is just as important as choosing a fire shutter. The advanced AlarmGard Closing System, available for fire shutters in motor, tubular motor, chain or crank, is recommended for the highest reliability and lowest cost of ownership with an unmatched simplicity of meeting annual test and reset requirements.

Our rated counter shutters come in the following standard height and width parameters:

If your maximum height is less than or equal to…

…your maximum width available is:

7’ 6”




Standard Materials and Finishes

Counter Fire Shutter curtains are available in:

  • 22 gauge galvanized steel
    • Exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in gray or tan
  • 22 gauge 304 series stainless steel
    • #4 finish

Mounting Options

AlarmGard Rolling Counter Fire Shutters are for use in rated masonry or drywall construction (wood or metal studs).

Fire Specific Options

Optional safety devices on provide a visual and/or audible advanced warning when the door is about to close .

Battery Back Up Devices

Available for motor, chain and crank operators, these devices prevent fire doors from closing from a power failure for up to 7 days.

FireGard Release Devices

Optional device that ties in to a building alarm system and closes a FireGard fire door upon alarm activation, rather than by melting its fusible link.


Often required by local building codes, SmokeShield conforms to UL 1784 test and adds smoke and draft control. for further details on ratings.

Hood and Operator Covers

Metal cover to protect the coil or operator from exterior weather, debris or to meet OSHA or UL 325 safety requirements.

Powder Coated Graphics

Permanent, durable faux finishes are available for rolling door curtains. There are six wood grain options as well as the ability to use custom graphics, photos or logos. Powder coated graphics give your doors a seamless, upscale look - either blending into the existing building architecture or transforming a building necessity into a work of art.

We can apply powder coated graphics to rolling doors 12’ wide and under, on standard, insulated or perforated slats.

SpectraShield™ Powder Coating

Polyester finish in more than 180 colors for durability, aesthetics, superior finish life and cost effectiveness.

Performance Upgrades
Seismic Performance Validation

We can provide project specific seismic calculations for all coiling doors that are mounted Face of Wall or Between Jambs to steel or masonry. Seismic performance validation is per ASCE 7-05.

Testing Stations

Safely and conveniently test and reset the functionality of the fire door at floor level. May be flush or recess mounted.

Safety and Protection
Entrapment Protection Devices

Entrapment protection devices ensure that a motorized door or grille will not close on an object. If an object enters path of closure, the entrapment protection device will stop the door or grille from closing and return it to the fully open position.

Guide-Mounted Interlocks
An electrical cutout switch to prevent motor operation if locking device is not first disengaged.

A wide variety of locking options are available to meet your security needs.

Motor Mounted Interlock

An overload sensing device that prevents damage if motor operation is attempted when the door or grille is locked. Field wired guide mounted interlocks are no longer necessary.

Unique Design Solutions
Rated Integral Frame and Sill
Our Rolling Counter Fire Shutters with Integral Frame and Sill (counter top) are designed with reduced coil, bracket and header size (8” minimum) to fit tight clearances.


Countertops are available for a complete counter shutter closure solution, and can be UL rated.

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