Stained Glass Inc. -The Lord's First Miracle Panel #1861 - Stained Glass Window Insert

The Lord's First Miracle Panel #1861 - Stained Glass Window Insert

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The Lord's First Miracle Panel #1861 - Stained Glass Window Insert

In this alluring stained glass artwork a servant pours water into a jug to be turned into wine, the first recorded miracle of Jesus honored here. Impressive for its cathedral inspired stained glass style and high quality, this magnificent panel embodies the classic use of vibrant colors of the rainbow and naturally varied textures that capture and reflect rays of sunlight, candlelight or firelight as they dance along the surface in shifting shades and patterns throughout the day. Bringing this favored Bible scenario to life for believers who are blessed to experience its beauty is the realistic, flawless imagery, from the facial expressions of the central figures to the meticulous detail in the surrounding scenery. Perfect for inspiring awe and reverence in areas of worship, church, chapel or shrine, this work of stained glass art also lends itself for use in home or business decor.

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

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