Stained Glass Inc. -The Family Panel #1187 - Stained Glass Window Insert

The Family Panel #1187 - Stained Glass Window Insert

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The Family Panel #1187 - Stained Glass Window Insert

A family of worshipers is shown kneeling in this colorful, superbly detailed stained glass window. Honoring this family of early Christians, whose devotion was built on the teachings of Jesus as He walked this earth, this exquisite portrait in fine stained glass is a perfect depiction of the brave leap of faith taken by the first believers. Flawless, realistic imagery crafted in the classic Gothic stained glass style points up the details in this work of stained glass art, from the moving expressions of love on their faces to the folds and stitching in their cloaks, bringing this tableau to life for all who are blessed to contemplate it. A study in the strength of God's love, this lovely stained glass panel is perfect for placement in church, chapel or any area of prayerful worship, capturing the light and reflecting it into every corner with rich, vibrant color.

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

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