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Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. - Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels
Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. - Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels
Description: Acoustical Wall & Ceiling PanelsSOUND SILENCER™ Porous Expanded Polypropylene (P.E.P.P.) Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Tile Panels Class A Fire RetardantNo Fiberglass...

Childers™ - CHIL-JOINT® CP-70 Sealant
Childers™ - CHIL-JOINT® CP-70 Sealant
Description: DURABLE WATER BASED VINYL-ACRYLIC MASTIC COATINGFOR THERMAL INSULATIONSDESCRIPTIONVI-CRYL® CP-10/11 weather barrier coating is a tough, durable, and fire-resistive water based mastic for most...

Manufacturer: Childers™

Category: foamed plastics | foam board | foam board insulation...

MasterFormat: Thermal Insulation | Painting and Coating | Special Coatings...