Fi-Foil Company, Inc. -HY-Fi® Hybrid Insulation System


● Multi-Layer Hybrid Insulation System
● Outer Layer of Kraft Paper Coated with Polyethylene
● Inner Layer of Premium Grade Aluminum Foil
● Plus Additional Layer of Foil Reinforced with Fiberglass Scrim

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HY-Fi® Hybrid Insulation System


● Multi-Layer Hybrid Insulation System
● Outer Layer of Kraft Paper Coated with Polyethylene
● Inner Layer of Premium Grade Aluminum Foil
● Plus Additional Layer of Foil Reinforced with Fiberglass Scrim
● Fi-Foil Expander Technology Separates Paper and Foil Layers
● Creates Three (3) Reflective Air Spaces
● Low-e Surfaces Reduce Radiant Heat Transfer
● Quick Installation with Staple or Tape Tab
● 16" or 24" widths
● Perforated or Solid
● 500 sf Rolls
● Combine with Spray Foam or Mass Insulation
● Achieve R21 using HY-Fi System of 2" R6.75 SPF with 1-1/2" Enclosed Air Space
● Achieve R22 using HY-Fi with 4" R3.7 SPF with 1-1/2" Enclosed Air Space
● Add R7 or more Using HY-Fi with Batt or Foam Insulation
● Verified Recycled Content >28%
● Meets ASTM C 1224, Reflective Insulation
● Meets International Building Codes (IBC)
● Meets International Residential Codes (IRC)
● Meets International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC)
● Meets Florida Building Codes (FBC)
● Meets Florida Residential Codes (FRC)
● Meets Florida Energy Conservation Codes (FECC)
● Supports Sustainability


Add up to R7.1
● Third-Party Verified Code Compliance, IAPMO ER 358
● Lightweight 500 sqft Rolls
● Easy to Handle, Installs Faster
● Less Waste on Site - No Shaving SPF
● Less Waste in Landfills - Better for the Environment
● Air Space in Cavity Allows for Last Minute Changes to plumbing or wiring
● Save Labor
● Save Warehouse Space
● Save on Material & Shipping
● High Performance and Compact
● Provides for More Living Area Square-Footage for Increased Marketability
● Low-e Reflective Surfaces Improve Performance of Enclosed Air Space
● Maximize Comfort
● Maximize Energy Efficiency
● Used on Net Zero Building Projects
● Supports Sustainable Design Goals
● Specified in the NAHB New American Homes 2017, 2018
● Specified in the NAHB New American Remodel 2019
● Lowers HERS and Other Energy Rating Indexes (ERI)
● 10-Year Warranty
● National Network of Insulation Distributors
● National Network of Insulation Contractors

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HY-Fi is a cutting edge hybrid insulation product that provides a very cost-effective approach to creating high R-value walls. The HY-Fi hybrid insulation system combines low emittance surfaces and enclosed air spaces. When used in combination with traditional insulation, such as fiberglass batts or spray foam, it creates a superior insulating system at an unmatched price point. HY-Fi is an especially attractive solution in areas with stringent building codes as it provides insulators and builders with a versatile, low cost, and easy to install hybrid system that achieves R-21 in small wall spaces.

Compliance And Approvals

• Meets or exceeds ASTM C1224, the Standard Specification of Reflective Insulation.
• Meets International Building, Residential and Energy Codes.
• Meets Florida Building, Residential and Energy Conversation Codes.
• IAPMO Evaluation Report number 0358

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Furring/Stud Spacing16" O.C24 O.C
Width Expanded17.5"25.5"
Lineal Footage375'250'
Coverage500 sq. ft.500 sq. ft.
Weight29 lbs27 lbs
2" x 4" Frame WallHy-Fi™ with 2" R-6.75 Spray FoamR-21
2" x 6" Frame WallHy-Fi™ with 3.5" R-13 FiberglassR-21
Test MethodDescriptionResults
ASTM E-96Water Vapor Permeance0.20
Water Vapor Permeance Hi-Perm5.42 perms
ASTM E-84FlammabilityFlame Spread Rating: 20
Smoke DevelopmentRating: 10
Interior Wall & Ceiling FinishClassification: Class A
ASTM D-3310CorrosivityNone
ASTM C-1224-99 (9.2.1 & 9.2.2)Adhesive PerformanceBleeding: None
Delamination: None
Pliability: No signs of cracking or delamination
ASTM C-1338Mold & MildewPass
ASTM C-1371Foil Emittance0.034