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Hygard® CG 500 Polycarbonate Laminate

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Hygard® CG 500 Polycarbonate Laminate

Model Number: Hygard® CG 500

Hygard® CG500 containment grade sheet is a 0.500", 3-ply polycarbonate laminate that meets ASTM F1233-08 Class 1.4 for contraband passage and Class 2.8 for body passage. Hygard CG500 also meets HP White TP 0500 Level A (.38 Special) and ASTM F1233-08, Level HG1 (.38 Special) Ballistics, multi shot. Unlike glass-clad products, this all-polycarbonate laminate resists spalling and white-out after repeated high force and ballistic impacts, an advantage in maintaining visibility of a threat during an attack. All Hygard products incorporate Makrolon polycarbonate sheet produced for high optical quality in security glazing laminates. Exterior surfaces have a proprietary Makrolon AR hardcoat that facilitates cleaning and resists marring, chemical, and graffiti attack. Hygard CG500 sheet has a seven (7) year Limited Product Warranty against coating failure, yellowing, and hazing.

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