Seves Glass Block Inc. -Pegasus Metallizzato Clear Q19 Wavy Metallised Glass Block


Pegasus Metallised is an exclusive and innovative glass block made by Seves glassblock.

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Pegasus Metallizzato Clear Q19 Wavy Metallised Glass Block

Pegasus Metallised is an exclusive and innovative glass block made by Seves glassblock. The unique mirroring of the block's outer edges produces a silver, optical effect that reduces the perception of gaps between the glass blocks and renders the glass surface even more brilliant and intriguing. Pegasus Metallised glass blocks are available in a range of diverse glass designs and a rich variety of radiant colors, each inspired by a great artist from the 13th century and Renaissance Era. The clear glass block, the only one in the Pegasus Metallised collection also available in a smooth glass design, fills space with brilliance and luminosity that can be likened to a minimalist style: simple and pure where the transparency of the glass block and light unite to become protagonists. Ideal for evocative interiors and exteriors, contemporary and high-tech environments.

Solution: Smart Home
Product line: Design
Glass Design: Wave
Features: Invisible joint, Light reflections, Metallization
Dimensions: 19x19x8 cm

Invisible joint

Design Pegasus Line offers unique 6 mm external edges called wings that reduce the grouting area to a mere 2 mm, effectively eliminating the visual perception of joints. The result is an ‘all glass’ wall that emits brightness and light, uniting the areas on either side.


Energy saving, self-cleaning, and solar-reflecting technologies add value to architectural projects due to their high performance characteristics and sustainable building design.

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N. Pieces/Box:5
N. Pieces/Pallet:350
Technical Data
Dimensions:19x19x8 cm
Weight2,3 Kg
N. Pieces/m2:25/27 pcs./m²