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Elastomeric membrane bellows supported by a closed cell foam backer.

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Expansion Joint Covers - Style CF/EJ - Curb to Wall

Elastomeric membrane bellows supported by a closed cell foam backer.

Features and Components: Expand-O-Flash expansion joint covers are flexible, weather-proof exterior covers for expansion joint openings and are an effective, flexible closure for a wide variety of standard and special applications. Each Expand-O-Flash cover is a combination of a flexible rubber membrane, supported by a closed cell foam to form flexible bellows, with two metal flanges, adhesively and mechanically combined to the bellows by a patented bifurcation process. As expansion joints move, the greatest stress occurs in the cover at the point where expansion joints intersect, cross or change directions. Factory-fabricated intersections are designed for maximum flexibility and are produced using special fabrication techniques to ensure watertight, clean seam lines. Close factory tolerance and quality control assures high yield performance.

Use: Designed to manage the movement of commercial and industrial building roof systems: thermal, settlement, new and existing junctions, differing roof deck materials or direction and seismic movement. Compatible with all roof membranes.


  • Accommodates multidirectional movement
  • Non-reinforced bellows for both geometric and elastomeric movement
  • Designed in a variety of styles for application requirements
  • Labor saving factory crafted intersections to fit most needs or custom designed for special needs

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