Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. -M150 Casting Mortar - Custom


5 gallon
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Cathedral Stone Products, Inc.
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M150 Casting Mortar - Custom

5 gallon
SKU # 791

Availability: In stock

Casting Mortar

This material is specially formulated for casting replacement pieces that can be custom colored to match the original and is ready for use after only two days of curing. Jahn M150 dry-pack mortar provides fine replication of detail and true masonry texture. M150 is formulated to replicate the appearance of natural stone, terra cotta, or architectural concrete and provide limitless design possibilities. This quality mortar is completely mineral based, free of any latex or acrylic bonding agents or additives, and is extremely durable and highly resistant to freeze-thaw damage.

Product Highlights
  • Single-Component: Mixes with water only, improving quality control and consistency of application.

  • Contains No Latex or Acrylic Additives

  • Factory Controlled: No field chemistry resulting in product variation.

  • Custom Colored Upon Request: Closely matches existing masonry. Choose from Standard or Custom Colors.

  • Dry Pack System: Stronger, denser castings eliminate air voids and produce higher quality reproductions.

  • Highly Resistant to Carbonation: Superior long-term, reinforcing steel protection.

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