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Steel cupboards: slim, strong, filigree.

Asisto cupboards have many outstanding characteristics that can only be offered by furniture with a steel carcass

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Asisto Cupboards

Steel cupboards: slim, strong, filigree.

Asisto cupboards have many outstanding characteristics that can only be offered by furniture with a steel carcass: filigree edges, doors optionally made of wood, steel or glass, flexible top-cupboard solutions, height adjustment possible from the interior - and much more. Asisto cupboards are delivered pre-assembled. Their low weight and sturdy design ensure that they are perfectly suited to being moved and relocated. Thanks to their excellent price-performance ratio, Asisto cupboards are also extremely economical.

Clear lines:

Whether you choose a cupboard with double doors, sliding doors or tambour doors or a drawer cabinet, a true characteristic of the Asisto cupboard system is the slim, delicate 8-mm edge which is a recurrent theme throughout the entire range. The attractive design and the outstanding durability of this steel furniture are blended together here into a remarkable unity.

Attractive and filigree design:

Asisto cupboards possess a flush base. The filigree side walls therefore run continuously along the entire cupboard height.

Insulation of the steel doors:

The steel doors always have a double-walled design. The sandwich design with an internal bee-board filling (special honeycomb material) provides incomparable stability and minimizes noise pollution without significantly increasing the weight.

Light, quiet and robust - with super low-friction casters:

Asisto sliding-door cupboards are a convincing choice because they run smoothly for years.

Extra-flat hinges:

The adjustable hinges (225° opening angle) are extra-flat and so make the interior of the cupboard even more accessible.

Patented acoustic tambour:

Absorbs the noise, improves the acoustics - and looks good whilst doing so: the smooth-running and patented special tambour in awardwinning design absorbs the lion‘s share of the noises that occur in everyday office life. It can absorb nearly seven times as much noise as a conventional cupboard in many frequency ranges.

It's your choice.

You can find the perfect table and cupboard for every application in the Asisto range. Because we set great store by variability. Do you want to bet that the range also has the perfect choice for you?

Your C+P furniture adviser will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you.

Asisto cupboards from C+P are available…

…in all the conventional heights and widths

from a filing cabinet for five binder rows on top of each other through to a desk-high cabinet with two binder rows and various top cupboards.

Widths from 800 to 1200 mm.

…in various door models

as a cupboard with double doors, sliding doors, tambour doors or as a drawer cabinet - orwithout doors as an open bookcase.

…with various front materials

Asisto cupboards are equipped as a standard feature with doors in wood decor. Upon request, we also supply Asisto cupboards with doors in steel, glass or genuine-wood varnish.

Supplementary range

From the wall system to matching mobile and desk-high pedestals and even to reception counters: the Asisto supplementary range leaves nothing to be desired.

An ingenieous combination.

You can choose from many attractive colour coatings at C+P as a standard feature. We are also always glad to fulfil all your own particular colour wishes. You can find the entire C+P colour and decor selection and additional information on the topic of colour design in the latest catalogue. Have fun choosing!

Carcass colours:

Apart from the classic carcass colours light grey, white aluminium and black grey,
many other options are also available for Asisto.


Current decors are available for tables, cover plates, cupboard doors and reception counters.

Door/feature colours:

Vivid, attractive shades are suitable particularly as door or feature colours.

Genuine-wood varnishes:

The right choice for representative areas. Many contemporary varnishes are available.

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