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SKU 772555
Name: Dual Laptop Holder Treadmill Accessory

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Treadmill Laptop Stand

SKU 772555
Name: Dual Laptop Holder Treadmill Accessory

Make work more fun and proactive with this walking treadmill laptop stand that comes with two laptop holder tray, adjustable tray arms, two independent poles and a standing floor base.

Never miss important office duties, appointments, e-mails and other tasks again while sweating out on this innovative equipment with dual laptop trays that are height adjustable on independent pole mounts.

Treadmill Laptop Holder Stand
  • Treadmill accessory stand with two laptop holders.
  • Perfect for use by people that want to work and stay fit at the same time.
  • Treadmill width size must be verified if it will fit accordingly to the treadmill stand accessory.
  • Note that AFC industries only sells the treadmill accessory stand and not the treadmill itself.

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