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W.R. Meadows - CATALYTIC BONDINGASPHALT - Cutback Bonding Asphalt
W.R. Meadows - CATALYTIC BONDING ASPHALT - Cutback Bonding Asphalt
Description: CATALYTIC BONDING ASPHALT is a cutback bonding asphalt specifically formulated for use with PREMOULDED MEMBRANE ® VAPOR SEAL with PLASMATIC ® CORE (PMPC). It is a...

Manufacturer: W.R. Meadows

Category: vapor retarder accessories | laminated vapor barriers | slab vapor barriers...

MasterFormat: Grouting | Dampproofing and Waterproofing | Thermal Protection...

Reef Industries - Griffolyn® Under Slab Vapor Retarders & Barriers
Reef Industries - Griffolyn® Under Slab Vapor Retarders & Barriers
Description: The need for an under slab vapor retarder in high humidity areas with high water tables is well understood. However, buildings in arid climates also need vapor retarders.

Manufacturer: Reef Industries

Category: vapor retarder accessories | radon control | tape...

MasterFormat: Thermal Protection | Weather Barriers | Vapor Retarders...