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Feeney, Inc. - 3-in-1 Trellis
Feeney, Inc. - 3-in-1 Trellis
Description: The 3-in-1 trellis is a complete, easy-to-assemble, all stainless wall mount trellis kit with 1/8" diameter rods and special mounting components that can be configured into any one of 3...

Manufacturer: Feeney, Inc.

Category: stainless steel rods | landscaping accessories | lattice...

MasterFormat: Structural Metal Framing | Planting | Planting Accessories...

PFEIFER Structures - Structural Tension Rod Systems
PFEIFER Structures - Structural Tension Rod Systems
Description: PFEIFER is combining its tension rod system with cable systems that use open spiral strands, which allows for the greatest possible flexibility. While maintaining the same limit tension load,...