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Triton Environmental - Woven Geotextiles
Triton Environmental - Woven Geotextiles
Description: Woven Geotextiles are used for separation and stabilization for road construction. Woven geotextile acts as a separator which prevents the contamination of different soils allowing each layer in...

Insulfoam - GeoFoam Structural Insulation
Insulfoam - GeoFoam Structural Insulation
Description: InsulFoam® GF (EPS Geofoam) is a lightweight, geo-synthetic fill material used as an alternative to various fill-materials, as a soil stabilizer, and in various engineered applications.

Manufacturer: Insulfoam

Category: pavement underlayments | below grade insulation | expanded polystyrene insulation...

MasterFormat: Thermal Protection | Thermal Insulation | Earthwork Methods...

Plasti-Fab - GeoVoid® Compressible Fill
Plasti-Fab - GeoVoid® Compressible Fill
Description: GeoVoid compressible fill material is an expanded polystyrene product designed to act as a compressible medium between swelling soils and structural elements.

Manufacturer: Plasti-Fab

Category: pavement underlayments | concrete flooring | earthwork...

MasterFormat: Maintenance of Concrete | Cast-In-Place Concrete | Geosynthetic Soil Reinforcement...