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Metal-Era, Inc. - Lightning Rod Bracket Style 1
Metal-Era, Inc. - Lightning Rod Bracket Style 1
Description: Metal-Era's Lightning Rod Brackets allow for the attachment of lightning rods to the roof system, protecting your building from the damaging effects of a lightning strike. They are...

Rakks/Rangine Corporation - Eclipse Counter Bracket
Rakks/Rangine Corporation - Eclipse Counter Bracket
Description: Product Spotlight! Eclipse Counter Bracket This attractive bracket addition to the Rakks counter support bracket family is functional, stylish, easy to...

Manufacturer: Rakks/Rangine Corporation

Category: mounting brackets | brackets | countertops...

MasterFormat: Casework | Countertops

BAND-IT - 2 Bolt Brack-It
BAND-IT - 2 Bolt Brack-It
Description: Used to mount traffic signs, security devices, and enclosures. Withstands stress and wind vibration with specialty designed reinforcement ribs. Fully threaded to solidly...

Manufacturer: BAND-IT

Category: mounting brackets | band clamps | signage...

MasterFormat: Metal Fastenings | Information Specialties | Signage...