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Metal-Era, Inc. - Lightning Rod Bracket Style 2
Metal-Era, Inc. - Lightning Rod Bracket Style 2
Description: Metal-Era's Lightning Rod Brackets allow for the attachment of lightning rods to the roof system, protecting your building from the damaging effects of a lightning strike. They are...

Rakks/Rangine Corporation - Eclipse Counter Bracket
Rakks/Rangine Corporation - Eclipse Counter Bracket
Description: Eclipse Counter Bracket Model: Eclipse Counter Bracket Product Spotlight! Eclipse Counter Bracket This attractive bracket addition to the Rakks counter support bracket family is functional, stylish, easy to install and supports up to 250lbs per pair. With its low profile design and no visible...

Manufacturer: Rakks/Rangine Corporation

Category: mounting brackets | brackets | countertop brackets...

MasterFormat: Casework | Countertops

BAND-IT - 2 Bolt Brack-It
BAND-IT - 2 Bolt Brack-It
Description: Used to mount traffic signs, security devices, and enclosures. Withstands stress and wind vibration with specialty designed reinforcement ribs. Fully threaded to solidly...

Manufacturer: BAND-IT

Category: mounting brackets | clamps | signage...

MasterFormat: Metal Fastenings | Information Specialties | Signage...