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Driwood Moulding Company - Staircases and Handrails
Driwood Moulding Company - Staircases and Handrails
Description: Staircases and Handrails Model: Staircases and Handrails Driwood is critically acclaimed as a leader in the design and production of custom wood spiral and circular stairs. We have been commissioned to build curved stairs from simple designs to the most complicated, double-tiered stairs in...

Manufacturer: Driwood Moulding Company

Category: double helix stairs | curved stairs | curved stairways...

MasterFormat: Architectural Woodwork | Wood Stairs and Railings | Wood Stairs...

Stairways, Inc. - Custom Stairs
Stairways, Inc. - Custom Stairs
Description: Custom Curve Stair The above is a custom curve staircase with a 3 line rail system. The stair was built with a heavy duty MC 10x 8.4 stringer with the an inside radius of 5’ and an outside radius of 9’to the center line, leaving the tread width at 48" with a 17" run at the widest point and a 7...