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Woodtone Building Products - AbsoluteTrim™
Woodtone Building Products - AbsoluteTrim™
Description: AbsoluteTrim™ is an engineered, Western Red Cedar trim and fascia product designed to provide years of unmatched performance on your next project.

Manufacturer: Woodtone Building Products

Category: architectural woodwork | factory finished trim | millwork...

MasterFormat: Millwork | Architectural Woodwork | Ornamental Woodwork...

New Holland Church Furniture - Architectural Woodwork
New Holland Church Furniture - Architectural Woodwork
Description: Church architecture has inspired and engaged worshippers for centuries. From great cathedrals to modest parishes, both interior and exterior elements tell a story and communicate the values and...

Visscher Lumber - Vale - Engineered Cedar Panel
Visscher Lumber - Vale - Engineered Cedar Panel
Description: The Western Red Cedar is British Columbia's official tree. It is sometimes called arbor-vitae, Latin for "tree of life." Cedar as a species has become more rare than ever, making...

Manufacturer: Visscher Lumber - Vale

Category: architectural woodwork | ceiling products | exterior paneling...

MasterFormat: Exterior Finish Carpentry | Soffit Panels | Wood Siding...