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Automatic Door Bottoms

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Automatic Door Bottoms

...for top bottom-line performance.

Automatic door bottoms don't have to mean installation headaches or maintenance nightmares. We engineer and test our door bottoms for easy, precise installation, with a minimum of parts subject to wear. Quality construction to the renowned ZERO standards makes our gaskets the professional's choice for superior performance and long life.

Available as surface-applied door bottoms and concealed door bottoms in a range of models. Our special-purpose door bottoms give optimal results to help meet the biggest challenges in sealing door perimeters:

  • High-level sound control achieved with unique, patented design features.
  • Blocking fire, smoke and toxic gases with integral INTUMETTM intumescent material.
  • Minimizing door-opening force with "Light Spring" action to meet ADA access requirements.
  • Protection from X-rays using lead-lined door bottoms.

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