Wiremold - 30TC Series Blank Steel Poles


Two-compartment pole. Furnished unwired with outlets. Nominal wall thickness .040" (1.0mm)

Category: electrical outlets | low-voltage electrical transmission | power distribution centers...

MasterFormat: Low-Voltage Electrical Transmission | Low-Voltage Distribution Equipment | Indoor Service Poles...

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30TC Series Blank Steel Poles

Two-compartment pole. Furnished unwired with outlets. Nominal wall thickness .040" (1.0mm)

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  • Wide selection of materials, finishes, wire fill capacities, heights, and devices. Application versatility in commercial open office landscapes, schools, labs, stores, and manufacturing plants.

  • Communication twistouts. Allows flexibility and easy access to update wiring.

  • Relocatable. Ready for service in 30 minutes or less.

  • Dual-channel. Accommodates electrical power circuits plus receptacles and low voltage cabling.

  • Furnished with feed fittings, ceiling trim plates, T-bar mounting hardware, and carpet/floor grippers. Includes all components for a complete and stationary installation.

  • Dedicated custom capabilities. Modify receptacles, change enamel and powder coat paint finishes, alter pole heights, add fixture whips, and more. Consult your local Wiremold representative.

  • Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.

  • Connectivity pole. Pole comes complete with Category 5e connections.

  • Low voltage cabling entrance fitting. 2" [51mm] radius control. For use with 25DT and AMDT Series. UL Listed for use in plenum areas.

  • Jumbo poles. Our largest capacity series to accommodate tomorrow’s wire and cable requirements.

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