Vanguard ADA Systems -SkidGuard Nonskid Pedestrian Surface

  • Better adhesion.
  • Maintains original skid resistance.
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Zero clearance, no “trip hazards”.
  • Seamless installation/Liquid applied, therefore, no caulking required.
  • 5 year replacement warranty.

Category: non slip coatings | slip resistant coatings | slip-resistant coatings...

MasterFormat: Dampproofing and Waterproofing | Traffic Coatings | Pedestrian Traffic Coatings...

Vanguard ADA Systems
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SkidGuard Nonskid Pedestrian Surface

What makes Vanguard SkidGuard the better choice?

  • Better adhesion than tapes / liquid plastic application / no peeling (ever)
  • Colors Available: Black & LumaLine White (glows in the dark!)

  • Nonskid (not just “slip resistant“).

  • Easy to apply

  • Installs on granite, concrete, asphalt, steel, wood

  • Adheres to every micron of the surface applied / follows every contour

  • Maintains original skid resistance for decades, not months

  • Zero clearance, no “trip hazards”, no edge to catch or peel

  • Seamless installation / liquid applied / no tapes or epoxies

  • Perfect for stairs, pedestrian pathway vault lids, any slippery surface

  • Available in kit form as of February 1st, 2021, or installed by your Vanguard installer

The advantages to using the VANGUARD system are clear

But probably the most important is: VANGUARD SkidGuard is liquid applied. It’s fast and efficient. It lasts 9 times longer than paint.

No more replacing tapes due to peeling and poor adhesion, no more trip hazards from edges curling, and because VANGUARD products literally attach to every single micron of your surface, there’s no way water can get underneath allowing moisture to degrade the structural surface below. No more failure!!

Need Colors? We got them right here!

Now you can have required visual contrast while emphasizing the aesthetics of your project with VANGUARD’S color options.

  • Black

  • White (LumaLine, glow in the dark)

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