Vanguard ADA Systems -EcoPath Bike or Bus Lane Coatings

  • Non skid (not just “slip resistant“).
  • Lasts 9 times longer than paint
  • Fewer trips (fewer carbon emissions / labor spent / locations disrupted / traffic / streets closed)
  • High visibility
  • Retroreflective

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EcoPath Bike or Bus Lane Coatings

What makes VANGUARD EcoPath Coatings the better choice?

  • Non skid (not just “slip resistant“).
  • Lasts 9 times longer than paint
  • Fewer trips (fewer carbon emissions / labor spent / locations disrupted / traffic / streets closed)
  • High visibility
  • Retroreflective
  • Pre-mixed. Perfect consistency every time, ready to use right out of the container
  • Easy to apply (if you can paint with a roller…you can apply EcoPath products)
  • Colors available: Green and Red
  • Open to traffic in 90 minutes
  • Fastest application rates in the world
  • Seamless - no water penetration possible. One continuous installation.
  • “Zero Clearance”, never a trip hazard! No thickened edges
  • Adheres to every micron of the surface applied to
  • Requirements for installation: Clean and dry
  • Installs on concrete, asphalt, steel, wood
  • Coverage per gallon: 25-35 sf per gallon
  • Material costs: $3.00 - $4.00 per sf
    (Compare to others at $9.00 - $15.00 sf)

Vanguard EcoPath coatings are the first true Nonskid Bike Lane / Bus Lane / Ped Path products that you can easily install yourself

EcoPath is installed at 20 - 35 mils thick. It’s what we call a “Zero Clearance” surface installation. No rough edges or trip hazards. All Vanguard products install this way. Liquid applied, all EcoPath products follow every nuance of the applied surface.

All EcoPath products penetrate the substrate and literally “become one“ with the surface, mimicking and retaining the existing non-skid characteristics of the surface while adding to same.

Once applied, thanks to glass beads inherent in the material, EcoPath is generally as nonskid as the surface you apply it to. Need more? You determine the amount of additional non skid desired by adding local sand to the surface while still curing. A quick second coat locks that in tight. With application rates upwards of 2,500 sf an hour with a 4 person team, you’ll be done installing EcoPath before you can open the other guys box.

While other products attach to the upper surface, liquid applied EcoPath penetrates and literally becomes “one with” the surface, so much so that it actually adds structural integrity, keeping your asphalt from raveling, or your concrete from spalling, fully protected from road salts, oils, solvents and other roadway chemicals anywhere EcoPath is applied.

The surfaces around EcoPath may fail due to these road chemicals, but the surface applied to will not.

In short, EcoPath not only lasts longer, it will actually make your substrate last longer as well. It’s not just a lane coating, it protects as well.

At 25 - 35 square feet per gallon applied, EcoPath is not only the least expensive, longest lasting nonskid surface coating available but, because it goes on at “Zero Clearance”, properly applied, there’s nothing to chip, tear, peel or flake off.

If you do have scuffs or tears from outside sources, EcoPath products are the easiest and least expensive to maintain; simply re-coat the affected areas, and 90 minutes later it’s ready for any traffic.

You don’t need a trained expert to install EcoPath products. If you can paint with a roller, you can install EcoPath. Our short video at EcoPath video will teach anyone how to be an expert in one minute, and in just 90 minutes, it’s ready for any and all traffic.

Mask off area, mix catalyst in provided container, apply with roller.

It’s nearly impossible to install EcoPath incorrectly.

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