Vanguard ADA Systems -DisposaCones Recyclable Safety Cones

  • 18 inches tall!.
  • Highly Visible, FULLY Reflectorized.
  • Compact.
  • Costs less than regular cones.
  • Recyclable.
  • Won’t blow away.
  • Approved under MUTCD 6i for Temporary Traffic Control.

Category: barricades | equipment | pylons...

MasterFormat: Safety Specialties | Vehicle and Pedestrian Equipment | Roadway Construction...

Vanguard ADA Systems
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DisposaCones Recyclable Safety Cones

Why use DisposaCones?

  • 18 inches tall!
  • Highly Visible, FULLY Reflectorized
  • Compact
  • Costs less than regular cones
  • Recyclable
  • Won’t blow away
  • Approved under MUTCD 6i for Temporary Traffic Control
  • Versatile - sticks to asphalt, concrete, metal or glass
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy online ordering
  • Perfect for jobsite, work area, public event…
  • 30 fit under any car seat
  • Easy to use
  • FREE SHIPPING to Continental US
Who Uses DisposaCones?

DisposaCones are perfect for temporary markers, monument locators, police emergency or crime scene markers, as well as construction sites, job sites or work spaces you need to leave protected. Police and municipalities, HOA’s, contractors, retail establishments, warehouses - can all benefit from Disposacones alternative to expensive rubber traffic cones.

And, DisposaCone is approved for temporary emergency use by the MUTCD, subsection 6i!

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