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Roofcar with Powered Platform

On buildings less than 490 feet (150m) Swingstage® can provide a roof mounted carriage that suspends a self powered platform.

This is an economical and versatile alternative solution to the roofcar with roof mounted hoists. It allows for use of the self powered platform to be attached to davits or monorail at lower building elevations such as step outs, set backs and podiums.

The motorized Roofcar travels the track complete with a TRACMOD® self powered platform which allows one system to access the entire building façade.

Standard Features :

  • Traversing of rooftop track
  • Maximum height 490’
  • Maximum reach 10’
  • Fixed arm with no slewing
  • Optional Features in DS Unit :

  • Telescopic mast
  • Slewing of Turrent
  • Slewing of crossboom
  • Adjustable reach up to 30’

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