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Utilizing the ELASTA-TUFF #566-V-SC System

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Standard Duty Vehicular Green System (Low VOC) - Vehicular Coating Solutions

A proven durable, liquid applied, abrasion resistant, low VOC, low odor polyurethane waterproofing system suitable for surfaces subject to vehicular traffic. It is a monolithic system, designed to seal the concrete slabs from deicing salts and moisture penetration during freeze-thaw cycling and high temperature, high humidity thermal cycling. This traffic bearing waterproofing system incorporates excellent adhesion, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, while exhibiting superior chemical resistance.

TUFFLEX POLYMERS' vehicular traffic bearing coating systems are uniquely formulated to withstand the impact of constant vehicular traffic as well as protecting the concrete deck against moisture penetration.

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System Summary
Layers TUFFLEX Product Amt./Sq.ft. Wet Mil Thickness
Concrete Substrate
Primer/Sealer TUFF-POXY Primer #2 or
TUFF-POXY Primer #3
1 gal. / 250-350 sq.ft.
Base Membrane ELASTA-TUFF 5000-SC 1 gal. / 55 sq.ft. 29
Aggregate Binder ELASTA-TUFF 6000-AR-SC 1 gal. / 110 sq.ft. 14-15
Aggregate 16 Mesh 12-15 lbs. / 100 sq.ft.
Top Coat ELASTA-TUFF 6000-AL-SC 1 gal. / 100 sq.ft. 16
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