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Utilizing the UREA-TUFF 6500-PT Technology

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Rapid Curing (Low VOC) - Pedestrian Coating Solutions

This system is designed for pedestrian deck resurfacing. UREA-TUFF 6500-PT is a two component, fast setting, rapid curing and solvent free aliphatic polyurea elastomeric coating which can be applied to properly prepared interior or exterior concrete, plywood and metal surfaces. It is suitable for application in temperatures as low as 32°F and is rather insensitive to moisture.

TUFFLEX POLYMERS' pedestrian traffic bearing coating systems provide superior waterproofing protection to both concrete and plywood decks. These systems are seamless, provide UV and weather protection, prevent deterioration of plywood or concrete, stop scaling and spalling of concrete, reduce maintenance costs, and provide skid resistant surfacing.

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System Summary
LayersTUFFLEX ProductAmt./Sq.ft.Wet Mil Thickness
Plywood or Concrete Substrate
Primer/SealerTUFF-POXY Primer #2 or
TUFF-POXY Primer #3
1 gal. / 250-350 sq.ft.
Base MembraneUREA-TUFF 6500-PT1.5 gal. / 100 sq.ft.
Top CoatUREA-TUFF 6500-PT1 gal. / 100 sq.ft.
Aggregate20/16 Mesh12-20 lbs. / 100 sq.ft.