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Duralife Lockers

Duralife lockers are the only HDPE plastic school lockers fully fire rated for your corridor application. Specially designed to meet the demands of the school environment, Duralife lockers are built to withstand the harshest daily use and keep your maintenance costs low.

Choosing the right lockers for your school can be challenging, but Duralife lockers make the decision easier. Constructed from HDPE, Duralife lockers offer facility managers and school officials low maintenance, durability, and an aesthetically pleasing locker solution that outperforms traditional metal lockers.

  • Designed for harsh school environments
  • Impact, scratch, and dent resistant
  • Won’t rust, corrode, or delaminate
  • Hallway noise reduction
  • Fire rated, NFPA 286 compliant
Common Lockers Problems Solved by Duralife Lockers

Traditional lockers are constructed from metal, which is strong but requires a lot of maintenance over the years. Duralife lockers solve these common locker problems due to their durable and impact-resistant HDPE plastic material.

Traditional metal lockers are susceptible to rust, especially in environments with a considerable amount of moisture and humidity, such as gym locker rooms. Mold could grow on the lockers, resulting in foul odors both inside and outside them. And not only can the lockers rust, but they can also corrode or delaminate, resulting in the need for maintenance to get them back to their original condition. Duralife lockers’ non-porous surface resists odors, mildew, mold, and graffiti, making them easy to maintain and worry free!

Lockers in any school have a tough job, and when students slam doors shut, this contributes to a lot of noise and a negative impact on the integrity of the locker and its hinges. Duralife lockers are impact, scratch, and dent resistant, making them tough enough for the wear and tear of your students. Along with the durability of HDPE plastic lockers, Duralife offers a high-security latching mechanism that provides increased security for student belongings.

Choosing the Right Locker Material

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a highly durable plastic used to create Duralife lockers. These lockers are built to handle all the elements that tend to wear out normal metal lockers prematurely.

These HDPE lockers are actually more durable than metal ones because they’re impervious to dents. They’re even resistant to graffiti—the scourge of most lockers. A simple wipe or scrub will take care of the graffiti without having to repaint the entire locker. Duralife lockers are also impermeable to moisture, preventing mold growth and unpleasant odors.

Because they’re more durable than metal lockers, Duralife lockers will last for a long time without constant maintenance such as paint and screw replacements. They’re even fire rated, NFPA 286 compliant. Above all, these lockers offer a quiet close, not the loud metallic slam that’s associated with traditional lockers.

In addition to the need for low maintenance, the HDPE material used to create these solid plastic lockers is 100% recyclable and even made from post-consumer materials. Another benefit that these lockers have over metal is their longevity.


A 3 decibel increase equates to a noise that is twice as loud. Our testing shows that metal lockers are 6.4 decibels louder, which is 3 times as loud as Duralife.

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