SOSS Door Hardware -Model 418SS Stainless Steel Invisible Hinge

Model 418SS Stainless Steel Invisible Hinge

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Model 418SS Stainless Steel Invisible Hinge

SOSS® Invisible Hinge model #418SS is for use in wood or metal applications. This full size door style hinge will provide superior appearance and durability. Made of complete 316 stainless steel. Our Hinges are found in many applications where flush fit, compact size and smooth operation are necessary features. SOSS® Invisible Hinges open a full 180° and are a single action hinge. The Underwriters Laboratories labeled the model #418SS SOSS® Invisible Hinge can be used on hollow metal , sheet metal, tin clad, and steel composite swinging type fire doors and frames rated up to and including 3 hours. They can also be used on wood core doors and frames rated up to 20 minutes.
Additionally, they can be used on wood/plastic composite doors and frames constructed with Georgia Pacific FSM-1 or FSM-2 banding for a rating up to and including 90 minutes.
Use at least one fire rated hinge for every 20" of door height or portion thereof, or one hinge for every 60 lbs., or fraction thereof, whichever calculation demands more hinges.

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A1-1/8" (28.58mm)
B55/64" (21.83mm)
C4-39/64" (117.08mm)
D23/64" (9.13mm)
E1/4" (6.35mm)
F2-7/16" (61.91mm)
G1/16" (1.59mm)
H1-41/64" (41.67mm)
I13/32" (10.32mm)
Min. Matl. Thickness1-3/4" (44.45mm)
Wood Screw Sizes#10x2-1/2"
Soft Wood Pilot HoleNo. 43
Hard Wood Pilot HoleNo. 31
Machine Screw Sizes#10-24x3/4"
Hinge Weight2.15 lb.
Additional Information
ApplicationExterior, Full Sized Entry, Metal, Wood
Min. Material Thickness1-3/4"
Fire Rating90 / 180 MInutes
Power TransferNo
Spring CloserNo
Counter Bored Screw HolesNo
Screws IncludedWood
Packaging1 / Box = 1 Each
Packages Per Container1 Each
Price PerEach