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Royal Corinthian manufactures an assortment of column capitals and bases. We offer Tuscan caps and bases for all of our columns without exception. We are one of the only manufacturers that offer Tuscan capitals with a round abacus and Tuscan and Attic bases with round plinths.

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Royal Corinthian
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Attic Base

Royal Corinthian manufactures an assortment of column capitals and bases. We offer Tuscan caps and bases for all of our columns without exception. We are one of the only manufacturers that offer Tuscan capitals with a round abacus and Tuscan and Attic bases with round plinths. We have Roman Doric caps and bases for the majority of our columns. Doric is slightly more ornate than Tuscan. We focus on 4 decorative capitals: Roman Corinthian, Roman Ionic, Scamozzi, and Temple of the Winds but we offer others as well.

All of our capitals and bases are available in the same material as the shaft for RoyalCast composite fiberglass columns, RoyalStone synthetic stone columns, and RoyaLite FRP fiberglass columns. Since all of our columns are made using the same molds, an Architect may opt to use our RoyalCast composite bases instead of our RoyaLite bases in applications where RoyaLite shafts are used. If there are concerns with weight, we are able to use our lightweight fillers or high density polyurethane to make capitals and/or bases much lighter.

Caps and bases for PVC columns, except for very complex shapes, are made from the same PVC material. Tuscan caps and bases as well as decorative capitals for PVC will come in either cast fiberglass or high density polyurethane. Our non-tapered PVC column wraps come standard with a box style cap/base set and our non-tapered with a craftsman style cap/base set. The two can be used interchangeably and we have many other styles to choose from:

Column Astragals and Neck Rings

The majority of our columns come with an attached astragal or neck ring which makes for much easier installation on site. In addition to an astragal, our larger diameter columns come with an attached support ring which allows for a Tuscan capital to rest on it. It is much easier to install a column when you don’t have to worry about holding up a heavy capital, which of course we can make lighter if needed. If you don’t want the neck rings, we can remove them during the manufacturing process.

The majority of our square columns do not come with an integrated astragal but we do offer loose neck rings that can be applied on the field. Some of our square columns are available with an attached astragal so it that is important to you, please ask. All of our PVC column wraps are available with a loose astragal which may or may not be made from the same material, depending on complexity. Please consult our catalog for specifics on columns with or without astragals or call or email us for a quick rundown. All of our column capitals and bases are available for sale individually.

Standard Caps and Bases for Round Tapered Columns

The capitals chart below is meant to correspond to round tapered plain columns while the bases charts correspond to both round tapered and non-tapered. To determine which cap is provided with round non-tapered columns and round twist (rope) columns, use the cap whose “hole diameter (S)” is closest to the column “top shaft diameter (B)”, which is found on the round non-tapered columns page. Cap and Base charts for Square columns are located on those specific product pages. The hole diameter (S) is based on round tapered plain columns of certain heights and may vary depending on the style and height of column ordered. We are able to make hole openings smaller or bigger to accommodate projects that don’t use our column shafts. Weights are based on RoyalCast and RoyalStone materials; RoyaLite FRP capitals and bases are significantly lighter. We are also able to manufacture all of our capitals and bases from high density polyurethane for projects where weight is of concern. In addition to the standard sizes listed in these charts, we have many other capital and base sizes available. In addition to Tuscan Caps and Tuscan and Attic Bases, we have many Doric caps/bases to choose from. We also offer an assortment of Decorative Capitals. All of our CAD drawings have the appropriate size capital and base drawn on each column shaft so if you want to avoid trying to figure out which cap or base will be provided with your column, please visit our Column CAD section. You may also request specific shop drawings if you are unable to view our CAD files or simply contact us for specific dimensions or additional sizes that aren’t listed here. We never shy away from custom projects and our in-house mold department makes custom products affordable.

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Tuscan Cap Dimensions
Column DiameterHole DiameterRound CapSquare AbacusTotal CapWeight (lbs.)
(S)(J)(H), (F)(J) + (H)
6”5-1/16”1-1/16”1-1/16”, 7-1/2”2-1/8”2.5
8”6-3/8”1-1/2”1-3/8”, 9-3/8”2-7/8”5.5
10”8-3/8”1-3/4”1-3/4”, 11-7/8”3-1/2”7.5
12”9-3/4”2”2-1/8”, 14-1/8”4-1/8”10
14”11-3/4”1-1/2”2-5/8”, 16-5/8”4-1/8”14
16”13-11/16”1-7/8”2-3/4”, 19”4-5/8”27
18”15-3/8”2-1/8”3”, 21-1/4”5-1/8”30
20”17-5/16”2-1/8”3-1/4”, 24-1/4”5-3/8”55
22”18-1/4”2-1/2”3-3/4”, 26-1/2”6-1/4”70
24”19-13/16”2-5/8”4-1/2”, 29-3/4”7-1/8”80
28”23-1/16”3-1/8”4-5/8”, 32-3/4”7-7/8”120
30”26-1/8”3-5/8”5-1/8”, 36-1/8”8-3/4”150
36”31-3/8”3-7/8”6-3/4”, 44”10-5/8”220
Tuscan Base Dimensions
Column Bottom DiameterHole DiameterPlinth WidthTotal HeightPlinth HeightRound BaseWeight (lbs.)
(S)(C)(D) + (E)(D)(E)
Attic Base Dimensions
Column Bottom DiameterHole DiameterTotal HeightRound BasePlinth HeightPlinth WidthWeight (lbs.)
(S)(A) + (B)(A)(B)(C)