Robbins Sports Surfaces -Pulastic® Classic 90 Synthetic Sports Floor System


Versatile, Resilient, and Affordable.

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Pulastic® Classic 90 Synthetic Sports Floor System

Versatile, Resilient, and Affordable.

NEW! Pulastic Classic 90 now comes with a 25 YEAR WARRANTY!! Pulastic Classic 90 combines quality and affordability in a seamless multi-purpose sports floor to provide COMFORT and SAFETY for all levels of competition and use.

Proven Safety
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance and proper hygiene

  • Surface can be easily repaired and resurfaced for a fraction of a replacement cost

Proven Performance
  • Contains recycled content and renewable raw materials

  • Water based finish virtually eliminating VOC content

  • Outstanding mechanical strength and outstanding wear resistance for minimum life-cycle cost and maximum usability

  • Outstanding ball bounce

  • Wide color selection

  • Pulastic Classic 90 is perfect for Indoor applications including; Multi-Purpose, Basketball, Volleyball, Aerobics, and Training Facilities

Standard Thickness:

  • 23/64″

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