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Brackets Offer Distinctive Look and Functional Design

Well designed for maximum functionality, Rakks aluminum shelf brackets feature infinite adjustability.

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Rakks T-Style Shelf Support Brackets

Brackets Offer Distinctive Look and Functional Design

Well designed for maximum functionality, Rakks aluminum shelf brackets feature infinite adjustability. Manufactured from extruded aluminum and available in attractive anodized finishes, they are designed to attach to Rakks standards and pole supports without slots or visible hardware. Available in three basic styles - Rakks, Universal, and Aria - each of these brackets can be used to create a distinctive modern shelving system for any environment. Rakks and Universal Style shelving brackets are stocked in Clear anodized, Black anodized and White powder-coat finishes. Aria Style brackets are stocked in Clear and Black finishes only.

Merchandising and Display Needs

Our signature Rakks style shelf bracket combines an elegant design with exceptional flexibility and versatility. In addition to the many standard sizes and configurations, our made-to-order capabilities allow us to quickly and efficiently supply custom brackets to your exact specification. By adding notches, hangbars, stiffeners, retaining pins, and custom fabricated components-Rakks mounting brackets can be configured to meet any merchandising or display application you can imagine.

Rakks T-Style

T-Style brackets have a PVC shelf coupler extrusion that is pinned to the top of the bracket creating a 1” wide horizontal support surface. The horizontal surface is pre-drilled with holes allowing shelves to be screwed to the bracket. Any Rakks Style bracket can be supplied in the T-Style. PVC extrusion is available in white, black or translucent. Specify as TB-XXX.

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ModelDescriptionUseable LengthWidthDepthLoad Capacity
BR-004Rakks Style for 4" Shelf3-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"100#
BR-006Rakks Style for 6" Shelf5-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"100#
BR-008Rakks Style for 8" Shelf7-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"100#
BR-010Rakks Style for 10" Shelf9-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"75#
BR2-10Heavy Duty for 10" Shelf9-1/4"1/4"2"100#
BR-012Rakks Style for 12" Shelf11-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"60#
BR2-12Heavy Duty for 12" Shelf11-1/4"1/4"2"100#
TB212-LABT-Style Lab Bracket11"1"2-1/8"100#
BR-014Rakks Style for 14" Shelf13-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"55#
BR2-14Heavy Duty for 14" Shelf13-1/4"1/4"2"85#
BR-016Rakks Style for 16" Shelf15-1/4"1/4"1-1/4"50#
BR2-16Heavy Duty for 16" Shelf15-1/4"1/4"2"80#
BR2-18Rakks Style for 18" Shelf17-1/4"1/4"2"70#
BR2-24Rakks Style for 24" Shelf22-1/2"1/4"2"45#
TB-XXXT Option for BR Bracketas above1"1-3/8"as above
TB2-XXT Option for BR2 Bracketas above1"2-1/8"as above
ModelDescriptionUseable LengthWidthDepthLoad Capacity
BU-009Universal Bracket for
9" - 11" Shelf
BU-012Universal Bracket for
12" - 14" Shelf
BA-001Aria Display Bracket for
5" - 12" Shelf
+ ST
BA-002Aria Display Bracket w/ Hold Down5"1-3/4"1-5/8"
+ ST
BR-GH1Glass Hold Down only7/8"3/4"1/4"n/a
BTR-L-XXTray Bracket Left6-1/8" to 12-1/8"
in 2” increments
BTR-R-XXTray Bracket Right6-1/8" to 12-1/8"
in 2" increments
BTR-C-XXTray Bracket Center6-1/8" to 12-1/8"
in 2" increments
BF-04Floating Display Bracket for 4" Shelf3-1/2"1/4"1/2"25#
BF-06Floating Bracket for 6" Shelf5"1/4"1/2"25#
BF-08Floating Display Bracket for
8" Shelf
BF-10Floating Display Bracket for
10" -12" Shelf
BL-XXL-Bracket - for detailed L-Bracket specifications.L-Bracket - for detailed L-Bracket specifications.L-Bracket - for detailed L-Bracket specifications.L-Bracket - for detailed L-Bracket specifications.L-Bracket - for detailed L-Bracket specifications.
BR-HANGBAR1-1/4" X 1/4" Rectangular Bar StockHangbar or shelf stiffenerLengths up to 144"
BR2-HANGBAR2" X 1/4" Rectangular Bar StockShelf lipLengths up to 144"
BR-NOTCHEDNotched Option for Rakks BracketsAccepts hangbar,
stiffener or shelf lip
Depth and location
as specified
BJ-HANGBARJ-HangbarHanging rod for
merchandising or closet
1-1/2" x 3/4"
lengths up to 144"
TB2-DESKReinforced Bracket for worksurfaceExtra support for 20" - 24"
18" bracket cansupport 120#
BR-SLANTEDSlanted Option for Rakks BracketDisplay literature
or product
Length and angle
as specified
BR-WATERFALLWaterfall option for Rakks BracketMerchandising and displaySpecify length, angle & pin location
BP-001BR Bookend one size smaller than the shelf depthBookend installs from end of channel or access slotBlack, white, and clear anodized aluminum
BP-008Universal Wire Bookend - 8"Bookend installs from
front of standard
Powder-coated steel to match
BR-RPRetaining Pin Option for Rakks BracketsSecures shelves to bracket5/32" pin extends 1/4"
TU-201PVC Shelf CouplerUse 2 per bracket
where shelves join
1" flange. Drilled for #6 screws
BMP-1Stick-On Shelf RestCushion shelves and
keep them from sliding
Use 2 or more per bracket

Rakks brackets with retaining pins provide an extra measure of security, keeping shelves from shifting on the brackets. Wood shelves with 1/4″ holes or slots fit over the pins. When supporting long shelves across several brackets only the outside brackets need retaining pins. Double-sided foam tape is also effective in securing shelves to the brackets.


Used with Rakks Style brackets to allow two shelves to join at a bracket. Couplers (2 per bracket) are only required on the bracket where the two shelves join. Pre-drilled holes in the couplers allow the shelves to be screwed into place. Available in white, black and translucent.


These transparent polyurethane pads cushion glass or wood shelves and keep them from sliding on the brackets.


Used to hold 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ hangbar for merchandising clothing or for use in closet applications. Hangbar can also be used as a stiffener for glass or wood shelves to reduce deflection over long spans. Notched brackets can be made to any specified length and notch location.


Sold in cut-to-length sizes up to 12′- this 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ anodized bar fits into notched brackets.


This attractive profile provides extra stiffness for wide spans or heavy clothing. Can be mounted at the end of notched BR2 bracket (shown) or supported on J-Bar Brackets described below.


Rakks Style bracket can be manufactured to lock in at any angle. This configuration is ideal for literature and magazine display. Retaining pins at end of the bracket fit into the bottom of the shelf to keep it in place.


Used for merchandising and display, brackets can be made to any specified length, angle and pin configuration.


Wire Face Out Bracket fits over BR-Hangbar and can be used for the merchandising and point display of card mounted product. Available in 4″, 8″, and 12″, silver powder coat only.


Rakks Style Bookend Brackets make excellent bookends. Specify bookends one size smaller than the shelf depth. Note: bookend brackets must be installed in sequence with (and at the same time as) the shelf brackets.


A wire formed Bookend Brackets that can be installed into the front of standards or poles at any point. Powder coated silver, black, and white to match other components. Available in 8″ depth only.


Used to support work-surfaces from 20″ - 24″ deep - these T-style brackets are reinforced for added strength. Rated at 120 lbs per bracket.