Rakks/Rangine Corporation - HR-203 Handrail Mounting Bracket

HR-203 Handrail Mounting Bracket

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Rakks/Rangine Corporation
330 Reservoir Street
Needham, MA 02494
Tel: (800) 826-6006
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HR-203 Handrail Mounting Bracket


Manufactured from #380 cast aluminum alloy, this two-piece bracket is used to install 7” nominal height railings. Brackets should be mounted at a maximum spacing of 36” into studs or blocking. Stocked in rollbrite polished aluminum finish. Mounting hardware (#14 Philips flat head screws and 1/4” carriage bolt and lock nut) included.

Rakks Handrail Mounting Brackets

Rakks Handrail Mounting Brackets consist of two heavy gauge aluminum parts; one which is attached to the wall and the other to the handrail prior to handrail installation. The unique design of this bracket system compensates for a wide margin of installation error and wall irregularities. Oval slots, in perpendicular axes to each other, provide and automatic adjustment of up to 1/2” to achieve a quality installation.

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