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Grandview Rocker Theater Seating will keep your patrons returning time and again. Grandview movie chairs feature a high-quality rocker mechanism that will be kind to your maintenance budget over the long-term. Two rubber pads provide near-silent operation in this high-quality rocker.

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The Grandview Rocker

Grandview Rocker Theater Seating will keep your patrons returning time and again. Grandview movie chairs feature a high-quality rocker mechanism that will be kind to your maintenance budget over the long-term. Two rubber pads provide near-silent operation in this high-quality rocker. The self-rising seat essentially offers maintenance-free operation. It also assures quicker entering and exiting by patrons, as the self-rising seats automatically create a wider aisle.


The love seat-style rocker is expertly designed with every attention to comfort. The center of the back pad includes integrated head support and lumbar support. The outer section of the back pad is anatomically conforming, with multiple ribs. The overall concave design can offer patrons hours of seated comfort.

The Seat Frame

The steel frames of Grandview Cinema Seats are also super-durable. Tubular, rectangular steel in heavier gauges will meet the demands of intense use over the many years to come. Metal surfaces are not merely painted, they are powder coated. The finish is oven baked at 200 degrees C. The result is the toughest, most durable surface available for commercial seating.

High Impact Plastics

Grandview rockers are theater seats that make use of injection-molded polypropylene plastic. In addition to being nearly indestructible, this type of plastic is easily cleaned. You’ll save in cleaning and maintenance costs over the life of this type of theater seating. The multi-ribbed contours limit seating fatigue. The ribbed design is also stronger than non-ribbed seating.

Fabrics & Cushions

The standard fabric is a fire retardant polyolefin called Marquesa Lana. It is treated for spill and stain resistance, and it is easily cleaned. It meets the requirements set forth in the California Technical Bulletin 117, Section ECS-191-53.

Cushions in theater seats are subject to heavy use, and they are often a vulnerable part of the seat’s design. However, the Grandview chair includes long-lasting cold-molded polyurethane foam in the cushions. It is also ergonomic ally designed. These cushions will maintain their shape and their ability to offer proper support for years to come.


Flip-up armrests make it easy for patrons to arrive and to depart. They are engineered for years of silent, carefree operation. Grandview Cinema Seats feature upholstered armrests that match the seat backs, cushions, and standards. A cupholder is featured at the end of each armrest.


The Grandview Rocker is available in three chair widths from 22-in to 24-in. (measured from the center if the armrest). Select the width that is ideal for your cinema or theater layout. Remember that our design team can assist you in the selection of the proper width for your venue. Then, they can optimize the seating configuration to balance both comfort and revenue. Meanwhile, Grandview Movie Chairs feature a back height that is a generous 40.5-in.

With Grandview Rocker Theater Seating, your ticket holders will enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a rocker, but you’ll avoid the repair costs traditionally associated with less durable rocker mechanisms. The Grandview’s combination of ergonomic cömfort and low maintenace costs is ideal for many applications.

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  • Back heights: 40-1/2″
  • Chair widths: 24″, 23″, 22″
  • Chair widths are measured from the centerlines of the armrests
Raw Materials
  • Cushions: Cold-molded polyurethane foam padding with ergonomic design
  • Inner back: Ribbed injection-molded polypropylene plastic formed with compound curves for natural body support
  • Outer back: Injection-molded high impact resistant, textured, linear polypropylene plastic. Its anatomic design employs multiple ribs for strength
  • Frame structure: Rectangular steel tube frame in various gauges to meet the demands of frequent and intense use
  • Plastic parts: Multi-ribbed high impact injection-molded polypropylene plastic
  • Fabric: Standard fabric is Marquesa Lana (polyolefin) with fire retardant. Meets requirements for California Technical Bulletin 117, Section ECS-191-53
  • Paint: Powder coat paint finish oven baked at 200ºC
  • Tests: California TB-117, ASTM F-851 (impact and static)
  • Rocker mechanism consists of two rubber pads which are silent and built for frequent and intense use
  • Automatic self-rising seat using a gravity-life mechanism for quiet, maintenance-free seat operation
  • Parts are manufactured from high quality raw materials
  • Flip-up arm rests
  • California TB-177
  • California TB-133 (optional)
  • ASTM F-851 (impact and static)

License Number, IMP-129599

  • The mechanisms are totally safe and silent and are built for frequent and intense use.
  • The high quality plastic can be cleaned and maintained easily and economically
  • The steel structure is solid, built with gauges capable of handling intense use
  • The back pad is complete with an integrated lumbar and head support
  • The outer back is concave and anatomic formed with multiple ribs
  • The seat employs an automatic self-rising gravity lift mechanism for quiet, maintenance-free operation
  • The chair is an attractive love-seat style theater chair with a comfortable ergonomic design*