PalmSHIELD -Sampson Commercial Semi-Private Composite Swing Gate


Design: Custom structural tube with infill channel fully welded framework

Infill: 3/32” x 1” staggered is popular. A wide variety of options available.

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Sampson Commercial Semi-Private Composite Swing Gate

Design: Custom structural tube with infill channel fully welded framework

Infill: 3/32” x 1” staggered is popular. A wide variety of options available.
Gate Frame: 2” x 3” custom structrual tube fully welded framework

Panel Frame: U-Channel integrated into gate frame.

Lock: Industrial grade Locinox rekeyable cylinder with exterior and interior lever action.

Drop Rod: Industrial 1” schedule 40 lockable pin

Hinges: Industrial grade proprietary Gorilla hinges with ½” thick leafs 1000 pd capacity

Standard heights: 6, 8 & 10. Custom available

Standard weights: 3, 3 ½, 4 & 6. Custom available

Coatings: Media blasted and powder coated.

PalmSHIELD SAMPSON Gate collection provides a permanent, upscale architectural gate for any commercial or industrial application. If you are looking for a proven engineered gate solution for dumpsters, trash enclosures and outdoor storage areas, the Sampson is an excellent and affordable solution. The SAMPSON gate collection incorporates an extruded tubular aluminum framework that encapsulates the wide variety of infill options. Our aluminum framework is a U-shape, providing a full finished edge on all four sides of the gate infill materials. This is an architectural gate solution when aesthetics matter. PalmSHIELD commercial gates are available in a wide variety of infill options including composite wood, vinyl, aluminum and louvers. When architecture matters, our planks may be placed in a modern horizontal or traditional vertical pattern. Unlike any other commercial and industrial gate manufacture, SAMPSON commercial gates are sweep blasted and powder coated. We offer an endless number of colors.

PalmSHIELD gates are custom designed and engineered to your commercial and industrial openings. We apply a series of engineering principles, accounting for the effects of the cantilevered load and wind load. No need to worry about future failed or sagging gates with our fully welded tubular framework and cable truss design on larger gates. PalmSHIELD has successfully built thousands of gates over the last thirty years.

PalmSHIELD understands commercial and industrial gates rely on the little things for continued operation. PalmSHIELD incorporates their own custom designed Gorilla hinges. These are not your ordinary hinges. Our industrial gate hinges utilize half inch thick bearing plates attached to a two inch wide stainless steel barrel. Our commercial gates are too good for unsightly padlocks and wearing slide bolts. Only PalmSHIELD offers an internal commercial locking system with our Locinox re-keyable stainless steel and brushed aluminum locks. To hold our gates in-place, PalmSHIELD incorporates a one inch schedule forty and padlock-able drop pin on every commercial and industrial gate leaf.

Features & Benefits
  • Structural aluminum fully welded framework
  • All gate designs are based on our proven engineering principles for gravity and wind load
  • Designs use full encapsulation of infill materials. No screws. Finished both sides.
  • Powder coated all aluminum framework.
  • Professional internal locking systems and heavy-duty proprietary Gorilla hinges.


Widths: Standard widths are 10’, 12’, 16’ & 20’. However, we offer unlimited opening sizes based on our engineering.

Heights: Standard heights are 6’, 8’, & 10’. However, we offer unlimited heights sizes based on our engineering.

Frame: 3” x 2” Structural tubular U-shape tube.

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