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Frameless All Glass Ruby Sliders

PRL’s Ruby interior all-glass top hung sliding door systems are the ideal solution for limited space and budgets.

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Frameless All Glass Ruby Sliders

Frameless All Glass Ruby Sliders

PRL’s Ruby interior all-glass top hung sliding door systems are the ideal solution for limited space and budgets. Designed for interior commercial and residential all-glass entryways, the Ruby provides a beautiful, sweeping, floating effect using minimal top hung tracks and hardware to create an illusion of spaciousness. Manufactured to accommodate standard and narrow width entrances, the Ruby provides fluid, smooth and easy operation.

Fabricated for single or double doors, the Ruby’s design is similar to a barn door slider that’s suspended from above providing a trackless, uninterrupted floor. Fabricated from quality stainless steel, the Ruby is available as an interior all-glass top hung sliding door system or a pivot system.

PRL offers several distinguished options for the Ruby. Fabricated to accommodate 3/8” and ½” tempered glass thicknesses, we offer premium quality brushed and polished stainless steel hardware finishes. Select from our impressive array of lock and handle options such as patch and center locks, locking ladder pulls, offset and standard C pulls. We also provide a number of beautiful colored and textured glass options. To make your interior all-glass sliding doors stand out above the rest, adorn them with bronze, starphire, grey or textured glass panels to dazzle and impress.


At PRL Glass we strive to fabricate quality, effective, innovative products unmatched by our competitors. By designing our Interior All-Glass Top Hung Sliding Door Systems we’ve fabricated the ideal solution where space and budgets are limited; Our Ruby All-Glass Top Hung Interior Sliding Door Systems.

Featuring an effortless, floating effect The Ruby creates an illusion of spaciousness using minimal hardware and framing obstruction that will intrigue and captivate. Crafted with minimal top hung tracks PRL has solved the problem of limited head space.

Sleek, chic, and luminous in design the Ruby was constructed to accommodate standard and narrow width entrances. Available for residential or commercial all-glass entryways PRL offers single, double or bypass interior all-glass sliding doors.

With our expert craftsmanship, supplying our own glass and aluminum products to the glazing industry for 27 years, PRL has designed these Interior All-Glass Top Hung Sliding Doors to meet your needs.


PRL Glass has done it again! Our Ruby All-Glass Interior Sliding Door system shines with its frameless transparency that creates a seamlessly beautiful, visually roomier, awe-inspiring space! For the Ruby PRL designed a unique all-glass door system to ensure minimal obstruction from hardware and framing to provide an expansive, unobstructed, viewing area through the glass with a clean finished appearance.

This top hung stainless steel sliding door system offers a fluid, smooth, easy operation. The Ruby’s frameless all-glass system can be used with single or double doors for residential, office, or commercial uses. And, as always, at PRL it can be customized to suit other applications!

The Ruby All-Glass Sliding Door:

The Ruby all-glass slider door is similar to a barn door slider in that it’s suspended from above leaving a trackless and uninterrupted floor. In this slider system the glass is connected to the rod by expertly crafted attractive hardware. The roller is secured flush to the glass surface with counter sunk holes on the glass in place of straight thru holes.

The Ruby Sliding System:

Our Ruby slider system uses compact exposed components with surface flush mount fasteners to provide a unique, edgy, look. The support tube is secured with offset mount brackets on glass with adapters to accommodate wall mounting.

As the #1 glass fabricator in Southern California for 27 years PRL upholds it reputation by offering architects and designers the freedom of choosing between a top hung sliding glass door system and a pivot system!

The Ruby Top Hung System:

The Ruby is an interior top hung sliding door system that offers flexibility and choices. The offset top hung Ruby rod can be installed on a wall or as a glass mounted application. When fully opened the Ruby Slider system butts against the adjacent wall or sidelight to maximize floor space while providing the most access to the opening.

The Ruby Hardware: Handles & Pulls:

Our Ladder style handles add a popular, upscale, polished, design to the sliding glass door system. We also offer inset metal finger pulls, simple polished holes, or your choice of any all-glass door hardware compatible with our Ruby System. At PRL the possibilities are endless!


  • Application: Wall Mount. Glass Mount.
  • Weight Limits: 2 Rollers (220). Glass Mount.
  • Track Length: Up to 20’ Long.
  • Glass Thickness: 3/8”, ½” tempered glass.
  • Panel Limits: Max Panel Width: 54”. Max Panel Height: 99”
  • Available Glass Color: Clear, Bronze, Starphire, Texture.
  • Available Finishes: #4 Brushed Stainless Steel (US32D). #8 Polished Stainless Steel (US32)
  • Lock Option: Patch Lock or Locking Ladder Pulls
  • Handle Option: Standard C pull, Ladder Pull, Locking Ladder pull, tiffany finger pull, offset pull

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Mount Options

Glass Mount

Our interior top hung Ruby sliding door system boasts uninterrupted all-glass views. The track is surface mounted to the tempered glass, through the glass sidelights and transom. Each system requires the use of track-mounted door stops in both open and closed positions. In applications that have transoms, it is important to note the transom lite must be mechanically fastened to the ceiling for adequate support. PRL is able to provide a 1-3/8 x 2-5/8” pinning channel which is typically run the length of the entire opening, however, only the transom lite will require pinning.

Wall Mount

PRL’s Wall Mount Ruby sliding doors provide a modern look for an all-glass interior application. These wall brackets are easy to install which add value through its durability and ease of use. Mounting to the wall creates a clean and sophisticated look. Glass panels slide and tuck away easily to free up space with simple, smooth operation. Each system requires the use of track-mounted door stops in both the open and closed positions. Use your space efficiently and show off interiors with wall mount Ruby all glass sliders Learn more about our Ruby All-Glass Sliding Doors