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Natare SOLID creates a durable, watertight, and slip-resistant surface in areas where water or wet environments exist.

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Natare SOLID™ Floor & Deck Surfacing


Natare SOLID creates a durable, watertight, and slip-resistant surface in areas where water or wet environments exist.

Suitable for interior and exterior applications, it is a cost-effective solution for covering unsightly and dangerous pool deck surfaces that have been repeatedly patched or are cracked and worn.

Floor & Deck Surfacing

Ideal for renovation and new construction, Natare SOLID easily installs over most floor and deck surfaces including wood, tile, and concrete.

Manufactured from a special PVC/polyester composite, it is a resilient, dependable, low-maintenance surface. It has a protective acrylic lacquer coating that makes it extremely resistant to chlorine and stains. This smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime, minimizing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Combine Natare SOLID with our PVC membrane pool lining system to create a completely waterproof and watertight solution for your entire aquatic facility.

Certified Slip-Resistant

The textured surface of Natare SOLID has been tested according to the following standards on its slip-resistant characteristics:

  • UNE-ENV 41901:2017
  • DIN 51130:2014
  • DIN 51097:1992
  • CEN/TS 16165
  • ANSI A137.1-2012
  • EN 13893
  • CE Marking EN 14041:2018

Developed specifically for wet environments, such as pool and spa decks, locker rooms, and shower areas, its textured slip-resistant surface provides superior comfort for a patron’s bare feet.

Features & Benefits

When you choose Natare SOLID decking systems, you receive a variety of features and benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Suitable for interior & exterior applications
  • Slip-resistant
  • Quick installation
  • Seamless floor
  • Watertight system
  • UV & stain resistant
  • Barefoot friendly
  • Easy to clean

Warranty Information

Natare SOLID deck and floor surfacing is the ideal and most cost-effective solution for the renovation and new construction of commercial pool and spa decks, locker rooms, shower areas, and splash pads.

10 Year waterproofing

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Three Color Options
For a seamless blend into any environment, Natare SOLID is available in three modern, but elegant neutral colors:
Light GreySandGrey