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NataDek™ & SoftDek™

NataDek and SoftDek floor covering systems create a durable watertight barrier in applications where water or wet environments exist.

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NataDek™ & SoftDek™ Pool Floor and Deck Surfacing

NataDek™ & SoftDek™

NataDek and SoftDek floor covering systems create a durable watertight barrier in applications where water or wet environments exist. NataDek is a cost-effective solution for covering unsightly pool surfaces that have been repeatedly patched, or are cracked and worn.

ASTM Certified Slip-Resistant

The textured surface of NataDek pool surface surpasses the ASTM 1028C designation for slip-resistant surfaces. Developed specifically for wet environments, such as pool decks, locker rooms and shower areas, NataDek’s textured slip-resistant surface exceeds 0.5 static coefficient of friction, providing a slip-resistant surface in accordance with ASTM standards.

Features & Benefits
  • ASTM certified safe and slip-resistant
  • Cost effective, easily installed and watertight
  • Long life expectancy
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Does not support the growth of algae, mold or mildew
  • PVC/polyester composite
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
Pool Floor & Deck Surfacing

Ideal for renovation and new construction, NataDek easily installs over most pool surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, fiberglass and steel.

Manufactured from a special PVC/polyester composite, NataDek is a resilient, dependable, low-maintenance surface. Compared to carpet, tile and other materials used in wet environments, NataDek’s non-porous surface prevents the growth of algae, mold and mildew.

NataDek is exceptionally durable, resisting the negative effects of water, maintenance chemicals and sunlight.

SoftDek Shock Absorbing Recreational Surfacing

For an even safer surface, consider Natare’s SoftDek pool surface system.

In addition to providing all the strength and protection of NataDek, SoftDek adds up to 4 inches of shock absorbing foam to reduce injuries from falls and slips. Natare’s SoftDek system is bacteria and microbe resistant, soft, safe and slip-resistant.

SoftDek possesses excellent energy absorbing properties and stands up to repeated use, while maintaining its shape and comfort. Unlike urethane coated foams and granular rubber surfaces, SoftDek does not require adhesives and chemicals and will hold securely in place over most surfaces including paint, plaster, failed urethane, wood, tile, concrete, fiberglass and acrylic.

SoftDek Splash Pads

SoftDek pool surfacing is also available as a sealed safety pad. Permanently anchored, SoftDek safety pads can withstand repeated impact and use. Ideal for pool edges or around water play equipment, SoftDek pads provide a safer play environment for children.

Prefabricated pad sizes are available from 4 to 10 foot lengths and from 2 to 6 foot widths. Custom pads may be made to any size. The durability of our system is proven daily in busy aquatic facilities, and is backed by a full replacement warranty.

Features & Benefits


With a specially designed adhesive and watertight termination strips, NataDek will not fail due to loose edges, peeling or delaminating. For a watertight installation, NataDek may be heat-welded to create a completely waterproof surface.

Cleaning & Maintenance

NataDek forms a 60 mil thick protective barrier that effectively resists materials that could stain other surfaces. NataDek will not support the growth of algae, mold or mildew. As with any flooring product, regular cleaning is required of its heavily embossed surface to maintain an attractive surface.

Life Expectancy

NataDek is manufactured from a PVC/polyester composite that makes it durable and long lasting. Actual field observations of NataDek installations indicate a projected life expectancy of 10 years or more depending on environment, use and traffic.

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