Monoglass® Spray-On Insulation -Sonoglass™ Spray-Applied Acoustic Treatment

Sonoglass™ Spray-Applied Acoustic Treatment

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Monoglass® Spray-On Insulation
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Sonoglass™ Spray-Applied Acoustic Treatment

Sonoglass® is a fiberglass based, spray applied acoustical treatment designed to provide superior acoustical values with a finished appearance. Sonoglass® will adhere to almost any surface configuration. This makes it ideal for applications to curved and irregular shaped ceilings such as those found in churches, gymnasiums and theaters. With only a thin application of Sonoglass®, noise reverberation times can be greatly reduced, improving audibility and comfort at a reasonable cost

  • Flatter more uniform finish than standard spray-applied acoustic insulation
  • More economical than many cellulose-based acoustic finishes
  • Improved noise reduction capabilities
  • Less material required for effective sound control
  • Zero Flame Spread and non-combustible for safety
  • Adds to thermal value with R-3.733 / inch
  • Conforms to virtually any surface configuration
  • Can be painted or tinted
  • Contains a minimum of 25% recycled material
  • Low VOC content: Sonoglass complies with California Dept. of Public Health CDHP Standard Method V 1.1 for low emitting materials
  • Does not support mold growth

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Sonoglass Test Standards Summary
Test PropertyTest MethodResult
Noise Reduction
ASTM C-423NRC 0.75 @ 0.8”/20mm
NRC 1.0 @ 1.7”/43mm
Thermal ResistanceASTM C-518R-3.733 F*ft2*hr/BTU inch
Thermal ConductanceASTM C-518K=0.268 BTU*in/(ft*hr*F)
Non-CombustibilityASTM E-136Non-Combustible
Surface Burning
ASTM E-84Flame Spread = 0
Smoke Developed = 0
Air ErosionASTM E-8590.11 grams
Fungal ResistanceMIL STD 810F0 Mold Growth