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Acousti-Clear® Demountable

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Modernfold, Inc.
215 West New Road
Greenfield, IN 46140
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Acousti-Clear® Demountable


Acousti-Clear®, a new innovation in space management and room design by Modernfold, Inc. delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation all courtesy of a new and innovative glass wall system.

Modern design is characterized by its clear, elegant transparency. But a basic requirement still exists – to use space effectively and efficiently in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.

Acousti-Clear® successfully unifies these two previously contradictory demands by offering the modern design elements of glass while providing the ability to customize your space demands all while providing privacy and controlling sound.

  • Family of acoustically rated glass wall systems
  • 45 STC Glass Partitions, 50 STC Solid Partitions
  • Motorized, Automatic, Demountable
  • Contemporary Design
  • Custom Colors & Finishes
  • Horizontal Mullions
  • Full Glass Pass Door

Acousti-Clear® Demountable

In the ever changing workspace environment, it becomes necessary to adjust your workspace design for a variety of reasons. Whether staffing changes, office functionality, or simply a re-design, the need for maximum flexibility will always be a necessity in any workspace.

Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions provide that highly desired flexibility by offering a fully demountable office front system which can be moved or configured in virtually any set-up or configuration imaginable.

Not only do Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions provide unlimited flexibility, they also offer something not found with glass partitions...Acoustical control. Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions provide an industry leading 45 STC acoustical rating when constructed with glass panels and a 50 STC rating when constructed with solid panels.

By providing the same contemporary look and feel as Acousti-Clear® Motorized and Automatic, Acousti-Clear® Demountable will fit seamlessly into any space and features the same finish options which include: Clear Anodized or Satin Stainless Aluminum, over 200 Classic RAL Powder Coat Options, Custom Glass, Veneer, Wilsonart® Laminates.

Need to move your office to a completely new location? No problem... Your investment in Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions gives you the ability to take your customizable office front partitions with you to your new location.

Flexibility is at its finest with Modernfold’s new Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions.

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Acousti-Clear® Demountable
Operation Individual Panel
Top/Bottom Seals Manual Crank Activated Top & Bottom Seal System
Panel Thickness - Nominal 4" (100 mm)
Maximium Height 12'-0" (3658 mm)
Maximium Panel Width 12" to 48" (305 to 1219 mm)
Hanging Weight (lbs/sq.ft.) 10
Minimum Frame Profile Widths Horizontal: 4.6875" (119 mm)
Construction Double-Skin Glazing
Tempered Glass
Closure Method Adjustable Jamb
Panel Interconnection Convex/concave aluminum profiles with sealing lips for combined friction and positive interlock
Surface Finishes Clear Anodized
Satin Stainless Anodized
Powder Coat White
Powder Coat STD RAL
Options Horizontal Mullions
Door Hardware
Panel Types Intermediate panel L, T, and X Posts Glass Pivot Door
Acoustics - STC 45 STC Glass
50 STC Solid
Track Options N/A
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