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The SB-2 is a biamplified sound reinforcement loudspeaker housed in an octagonal enclosure with a parabolic dish front face.

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SB-2 Parabolic Wide-Range Sound Beam

The SB-2 is a biamplified sound reinforcement loudspeaker housed in an octagonal enclosure with a parabolic dish front face. Capable of high sound pressure levels with precisely defined, narrow coverage, the SB-2 offers a unique solution for large-scale distributed paging and music systems.

While distributed ceiling speakers are often employed in an attempt to overcome reverberation and improve intelligibility, large venues pose problems of scale that conventional ceiling speakers cannot effectively address. In where the ceiling height is 40 feet or more, a conventional distributed system lacks both the power to overcome air losses and the directionality to avoid combing and excessive reverberation.

The SB-2 provides a unique and effective solution to these problems. Featuring a tight 20-degree coverage pattern with high output capability, the SB-2 offers the ability to cover individual zones with highly intelligible, full-range sound while avoiding overlapping. A hybrid, two-way system, the SB-2 uses a waveguide to achieve directionality at high frequencies and a parabolic array of cone drivers at mid-to-low frequencies. The result is tightly controlled coverage from 500 Hz to 16 kHz, with low-frequency response extending down to 130 Hz.

The SB-2 comprises twenty-eight 4-inch cone drivers, a 2-inch throat (4-inch diaphragm) compression driver, an integral complementary MOSFET power amplifier with 1240 Watt burst capability, and optimized signal processing circuitry. It features options for L6-20, IEC 309 or VEAM all-in-one connectors, and compatibility with RMS (Meyer Sound’s Remote Monitoring System).

Featured Technology


  • Integrated control electronics and amplifiers
  • TruPower Limiting (TPL) (driver Protection)
  • Intelligent AC™ System (Automatic Voltage Selection)
  • Compatible with RMS (Remote Monitoring System)
  • Long-throw
  • Very High-Q
  • Ultra-low distortion
  • Tightly defined coverage
  • Minimized overlap
  • SystemMaximum intelligibility
  • Minimum Reverberation
  • Large airports, arenas and malls
  • Paging and distributed music
  • Distributed coverage of large areas

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