Metal-Era, Inc. - Anchor-Tite Paver Termination Bar Anchor-Tite Ballast Paver Version

Anchor-Tite Paver Termination Bar Anchor-Tite Ballast Paver Version

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Anchor-Tite Paver Termination Bar Anchor-Tite Ballast Paver Version

This Paver Termination Bar is designed for roof systems using Westile ballast paver systems. Metal-Era’s Paver products provide the roof system with the maximum protection against wind up-lift damage that is available in today's roofing market.

Features / Benefits
Warranty: The Lifetime, 215 mph is available on all Metal-Era manufactured Anchor-Tite products. It covers replacement or repair of any portion of the system that has failed due to a defect in Metal-Era supplied materials. The warranty covers the roof edge for the lifetime of the roof on which it was originally installed.
Standard Sizes: Sizes range from 6" up to 9" face heights to accommodate multiple nailers and coverage requirements.
  • 6"
  • 9"
Available Materials: Available in .080" mill finish aluminum with custom paint options available.
Custom Capabilities: Specially fabricated products are available to meet the unique needs of each project.
Accessories: Factory fabricated miters provide a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This eliminates the need for field fabrication, providing time and labor savings.
Also Included: All splice plates are included and will arrive to the job site with the product. (Sealant by others)

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