METROBRICK by Ironrock - METROBRICK® Wax with MetroGuard®

METROBRICK® Wax with MetroGuard®

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METROBRICK by Ironrock
P.O. Box 9240
1201 Millerton Street
Canton, OH 44711
Tel: (888) 325-3945
Fax: (330) 484-3584

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METROBRICK® Wax with MetroGuard®

MetroGuard® penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the thin brick to provide long-lasting protection against water related staining and deterioration without impairing the thin brick’s natural ability to breathe.

METROBRICK’s® wax with MetroGuard® is a combination of paraffin wax and a solvent-free blend of Silanes and Siloxanes.

The MetroGuard® blended wax looks the same and is as easy to remove as untreated wax using a 180º degree pressure washing procedure.

MetroGuard® is safe and complies with all known national, state and district AIM VOC regulations.

METROBRICK wax now with MetroGuard

  • Designed Exclusively for METROBRICK®
  • Aids in Panel Clean Up
  • Helps Prevent Staining
  • Long Lasting
  • Enhances Brick Colors
  • Guards Against Deterioration
  • Creates an Invisible Protective Barrier
  • No VOC/Non-Hazardous/Non Solvent Based

Enhances Color

MetroGuard enhances the richness of the brick’s color and creates a protective hydrophobic surface that causes water to bead off the brick making it easier to clean at the plant and job site.

MetroGuard helps protect and keeps buildings in all climates looking good for years to come.

Applied to METROBRICK Products for use with the following systems:

  • Precast Concrete Panels
  • Tilt-up Concrete Panels
  • Cast in Place Concrete

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