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The LogiSon® Acoustic Network is secured using both physical and electronic methods.

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LogiSon Sound Masking
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Acoustic Network Supervisor, ANS

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network is secured using both physical and electronic methods.

Acoustic Network Supervisor runs as a Windows Service, monitoring the LogiSon® Acoustic Network to ensure that the system is 100 percent operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be configured to monitor only the Network Control Panel(s) or all of the system’s components.

If an issue occurs, the software sends an email so that an administrator can quickly address the problem.

And because it’s external to the LogiSon hardware, a hardware failure will not impact its ability to send alerts.

How it works

The administrator defines the intervals at which the system should be checked-from as often as every two minutes up to as long as twenty-four hours.

The administrator also defines who receives notifications-for example, the facility manager, IT personnel and a LogiSon Representative. A unique name (e.g. facility name) can be added to the email, making it easy to identify individual locations, facilities or floors. Emails can also contain vendor information to inform the recipient who to contact.

The software can be configured to suppress emails in the event of client network outages, and can send a start-up message when monitoring resumes. “Alive” notifications can be enabled to inform recipients that the application is running.

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