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Four fold doors are fast acting, opening in less than 5 seconds, and reliable alternatives to sectional overhead doors with upto 30% less in moving parts.

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Four Fold Doors

Four fold doors are fast acting, opening in less than 5 seconds, and reliable alternatives to sectional overhead doors with upto 30% less in moving parts.

Four Fold Door Applications

Four Fold Doors are side-hung hi-speed doors which open in a horizontal fashion; having 2 panels which open to the left and 2 panels which open to the right. These low maintenance doors are secure but allow for rapid egress making them perfect for the following applications:

  • Fire Stations
  • EMS Bays
  • Sally Ports
  • Light Rail Facilities
  • Industrial Storage Sheds


Automation of this door only takes 5 seconds from fully closed to fully open, regardless of size! In the event of power failure, or for user override, a hand-operated manual release allows full access in only 2 seconds. No other door will provide this speed of operation and full security at all times!

With the this Four Fold Door now being MADE in the U.S.A., and having developed a network of installation partners across the country; your next project can count on JUS Doors for a quick response to all your needs!


Horizontal Deployment

The horizontal nature of this fire station door allows for full visual of the opening while the door is in its opening cycle. This reduces the possibility of impact with apparatus as the Engineer leaves the fire station bay.

Less Maintenance

Our Four Fold Door has 15% less moving parts & components reducing the number of fail points within the assembly. High cycle counts provide a Fire Station Door that is sure to provide dependable service.

Opening Speed

Traditional overhead doors open in 20 - 25 seconds. This is critical time in the Fire & Emergency Management Service industry. Our Four Fold Door opens in less than 5 seconds reducing time to open by more than 75%, making it the perfect fire station door!


Our Four Fold Door is a Fire Station Door designed with time in mind. Using only top grade materials, and engineered in such a way to allow for replacement of worn components, every detail of this four fold door is design to meet the test of time.


Though the design of our four fold door has been configured in such a way to allow standardization in size & electrical components ensuring fast lead times; it’s also been designed as a highly configurable Fire Station Door, from color options to glass type.

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Four Fold Door Features

High Speed

From open to close in less than 5 seconds, when every second counts use a Four Fold Door for your next Fire Station Door!

Low Profile Operators

A specialized fire station door designed specifically for the needs of your Fire Station. This Four Fold Door offers a low profile operators mounted directly on the panel for a sleek design.

Manual Release

Fire Station Doors must operate even when the power is out. The Four Fold Door provides a low-level manual release for user override.

Full Safeties

Full UL 325 Compliance, ensuring your Fire Station Door provides your station with the required safeties to protect you and your personnel. This Four Fold Door will prove a solid addition to your next station.

Highly Configurable Glass

A Fire Station Door offering everything from standard glazing to custom arch’d reveals; these Four Fold Doors are fully customizable.