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R2E-100 - Enhanced Door Security

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R2E-100 - Sensors

R2E-100 - Enhanced Door Security

The R2E-100 is an active infrared, request-to-exit detector specifically designed for access control applications where maximum protection is required. The active infrared pattern is focused in front of and above the door lever handle to greatly reduce unauthorized entry.

  • Adjustable defined pattern creates a safer, more secure door
  • Creates a secure detection zone from door jamb to lever handle
  • Low profile sensor mounts on or above the door frame
  • Multiple relocking modes for timed or door position conditions
  • Relay output consists of two Form “C” contacts for NO / NC wiring
  • Adjustable, built-in audible alarm denotes activation Can be deactivated
  • 3 DRY auxiliary inputs: request to exit, card reader or push button
  • Ground yourself by touching a conductive surface of the door or other element connected to common earth ground to discharge the static electricity present in your body.
  • Avoid walking around while replacing items inside the case, especially if you are on carpet or during conditions of low temperature and low humidity.
  • Handle the board by the edges only to avoid touching electronic components.
  • Store a loose board in an anti-static bag.

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