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Often, buildings are not designed to support the weight of partitions, essentially eliminating the possibility of using operable partitions-until now.

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Support Systems

Often, buildings are not designed to support the weight of partitions, essentially eliminating the possibility of using operable partitions-until now. Unispan® is pre-engineered independent support system compatible with Hufcor operable, acoustic glass or accordion partitions for quick, easy room division. Unispan® makes flexible space possible by providing added support to spaces that lack the required overhead structural support to carry the weight of operable partitions. Ideal for remodels and tenant fitouts where the proper support may not already exist, older buildings benefit from Unispan® because it permits installation of movable partitions without costly reinforcing modifications to the building structure.

Pre-Engineered Support System

Hufcor’s Unispan® is pre-engineered independent support system for operable partitions, acoustic glass walls, or accordion doors eliminating the need for structural steel beams and glue-larn beams. It was developed as a solution to enable facilities to install partitions in buildings with inadequate overhead structure to support the weight of partitions. The only structure/bracketing needed is for lateral support.

Save Time and Money

Unispan® is a self-contained and free-standing support system for Hufcor operable wall systems. There is no need for additional support structure other than a minimal amount of lateral support. This saves both engineering time AND materials expenses for the build-out phase. Also, since Unispan® posts transfer the operable wall system weight to floor pads under the posts, no additional footings are needed, further saving on construction costs. Both Unispan® and Electric Unispan® are manufactured as modular systems and shipped in sections for easy installation, further saving on engineering and installation.

Compatibility Across Hufcor Operable Walls

Unispan® can be used to support any of the Hufcor horizontal operable wall systems including Series 600™ Operable Wall, Frameless GlassWall™, Timberframe™ GlassWall™, Ultra™ Acoustic GlassWall™, Accordion Door and FlexTact®

Automation and Safety Systems

Hufcor now offers the best of both worlds by combining the convenience and simplicity of touch-of-a-button automated operation with the pre-engineered Unispan® support system. The Hufcor Electric Unispan® powered operable wall support system features a motor and drive system integrated into the Unispan® structure assembly, greatly reducing installation lead time over standard powered movable wall systems.

Concealed or Embedded

The Unispan® horizontal truss can extend below the ceiling with the truss concealed by header panels finished in the same material as the partitions in the system. However, the system is versatile and can be partially or totally installed above the ceiling if space permits. The same is true of the vertical posts. One or both may be embedded in the wall(s) if that is the preference.

Seismic Rated

Unispan® adheres to Zone 4 seismic ratings providing you with peace of mind in seismically-challenged locations.

Industry Leadership

We never take for granted our history, quality reputation and leadership position in the operable wall industry. From our 117 years of experience manufacturing in the U.S. to our ISO 9001 certification to our innovation stream and quality systems, Hufcor has and continues to demonstrate our commitment in delivering quality products that are dependable and work flawlessly in the most challenging environments.

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When it comes to space, there is no such thing as one-size-fits all. At Hufcor, our talented team of engineers will provide their expertise and work collaboratively to deliver modifications or custom solutions to meet your needs. No challenge is too big or too small - we’re always eager and willing to understand the specific requirements of your project to deliver exactly what is needed.

Electric Automation

Introducing the Electric Unispan® with Hufcor Touchpad backlit LCD control unit. A perfect marriage between the pre-engineered Unispan® support system and Hufcor Series 600™ operable partitions, now operable with the touch of a finger using an automated, powered drive system.

Electric Unispan® comes standard with the Hufcor Touchpad backlit LCD controller, but lower tech standard and master keys switches for operation are also available.

Other Options
Recessed or Exposed Header with Panels

The Unispan® support system can be installed with the truss header either built-in for a clean, professional finished look, or exposed with the truss header finished in the same material or finish as the movable partitions.

Recessed or Exposed Vertical Posts

The Unispan® support system can be installed with vertical posts built-in for a clean, professional finished look, or exposed. If exposed, the vertical posts are available in a range of anodized or painted finishes.