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Hufcor operable partitions - also known as Airwalls™, movable panels or flat panels - are recognized worldwide for their unparalleled quality, design flexibility, acoustic performance and lasting durability.

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Operable Partitions

Hufcor operable partitions - also known as Airwalls™, movable panels or flat panels - are recognized worldwide for their unparalleled quality, design flexibility, acoustic performance and lasting durability. Proudly manufactured in the USA and under license throughout the world, Hufcor operable partitions are constructed of welded, heavy-duty 16-gauge steel and can be designed with the industry’s most comprehensive range of dimensions, performance options, and decorative finishes.

Choose the operable partition with more possibilities

Hufcor proudly manufactures the most installed brand of operable partitions in the world. Available in 3″ and 4″ wall thicknesses, the Series 600™ line combines the durability of a welded steel frame to achieve greater heights, straight lines, and sealability, with the design versatility of a wide variety of acoustical and decorative face constructions.


Understanding a product design means listening to customer needs and how a product functions when in use. This leads to continuous innovation like our Quick-Set™ retractable top and bottom seals that provide the easiest in-field operation. A simple half-turn of the waist-high removable handle extends or retracts the sound seals up to 7 inches as needed. Other examples include our HufGard™ safety systems and our new Hufcor Touchpad backlit LCD powered wall controller.

Sound Management and Acoustic Separation

Hufcor is the industry leader in movable partition sound management, and Series 600™ moveable partitions come in a very wide range of construction styles that minimize sound transition or absorb sound to minimize sound room reflection. At Hufcor we test our products in our sound laboratory in accordance with ASTM E90 and ISO 10140-2 for sound blocking and ASTM 423 for sound absorption to ensure they meet or exceed our published acoustical ratings. The laboratory is certified by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Testing Lab Code 100239-0), and we undergo regular inspection to make certain we adhere to their strict regulations.

Limitless Finishes & Options

Aesthetics are essential, and we offer the widest range of finish and construction options which will meet design and functional criteria for any project. Surface finish selections include vinyl, fabric, carpet, veneer, high pressure laminate, murals and other custom surfaces - Hufcor can even factory-apply a surface treatment provided by the customer. In addition to finishes, we also have a broad array of trim options to compliment any design - examples including inset or full-height work surfaces, pass doors with or without ADA hardware or auto-closures, pocket doors, prep for windows and exit signs.

Automation and Safety Systems

Series 600™ operable partitions are available with many useful automation and safety systems. If you need a powered unit that can operate with the touch of a finger, ask for our continuously-hinged “electric train” power drive with the new Hufcor Touchpad backlit LCD control. For operational safety, the HufGard™ safety system with multi-point detection provides the ultimate in automated ease of use and safety.

Durable Construction

Hufcor’s 600 Series™ partitions are constructed using a welded, heavy duty 16 gauge (minimum) steel frame for superior durability and rigidity in a wide range of challenging applications. From 6′ to 40′ high and unlimited length runs, Hufcor partitions with welded steel frames are your assurance of dependable operation and over many years of service.

Clear Floor - No Floor Tracks

Hufcor movable partitions are supported on tracks from above - no floor tracks to get in the way, no tripping hazards and no crevices to collect debris. When an acoustic bottom seal is needed, the seals are incorporated and activated from within the operable panels.

Industry Leadership

We never take for granted our history, quality reputation and leadership position in the operable wall industry. From our 117 years of experience manufacturing in the U.S. to our ISO 9001 certification to our innovation stream and quality systems, Hufcor has and continues to demonstrate our commitment in delivering quality products that are dependable and work flawlessly in the most challenging environments.

Focused on Customerization

When it comes to space, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. At Hufcor our talented team of engineers will provide their expertise and work collaboratively to deliver modifications or custom solutions to meet your needs. No challenge is too big or too small. We’re always eager and willing to understand the specific requirements of your project to deliver exactly what’s needed.

Partition Studio™

Architecture starts with flexibility and base of design which is why Hufcor created Partition Studio™. This proprietary software program allows for easy input of operable partition dimensions and design criteria and produces quick turn around CAD drawings including partition storage options, track systems, support punching templates and pricing to keep projects on budget and on time.

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